Saturday, September 7, 2019

Writing Class Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Writing Class - Essay Example I learnt a number of aspects about writing this semester. In the initial weeks, I kept using additional sources were they were not necessary. In the second week for example, I used different outside sources instead of sticking to the video that I was to describe. In the third week, I still used other sources, where I was expected to use my own ideas. In the fourth week however, I managed to use correct sources and I cited most of the statements I gave well. However, there were still a few ideas that lacked proper citations The biggest challenge I faced as a writer is that of creating paragraphs with a clear focus. This is majorly because I could create specific topic sentences that would guide me. A single paragraph should elaborate on one idea but mine were generally most often (Connelly 208). In my first two write-ups onto the third one, my paragraphs were still not clear since they did not seem to lead to one point. This is probably because I did not outline the work properly prior. The professor advised that I should stick to one idea in every single paragraph instead of mixing them all up in one paragraph because it will not only confuse the reader but also affect the flow of work. In the fourth week however, I had learnt how to create topic sentences since only a few paragraphs lacked the topic sentences. Moreover, in the third week, I also had problems with my choice of word. Generally, the language and grammar was not to the level expected. This is evident in the instance where I used the term cleavage as a synonym to differences. Growth was evident when it came to the creation of a clear thesis as well as strong introductions. In my early consecutive papers, the introduction could not interest a reader. Towards the third week, I still had problems producing good introductions that would capture the interest of the reader. It had however improved since I incorporated better choices of words.  

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