Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Hotel and Hospitality industry Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Hotel and Hospitality industry - Assignment Example It is part of an International hotel group called Saint Emilton Hotel Group (SEHG). Since the hotel is having 40 hotels in its portfolio in Europe and Far East, therefore it can be safely assumed that the group is experienced enough in the business. It is being felt that hotel facilities are not being used to its fullest potential, therefore the General Manager, Robert Herr as asked Kati Mertens, the Front Office Manager to examine and prioritise the pricing strategy. Some of the key issues that Kati needs to look into, are; b. Tourist visitors too fall in two categories. One from an affluent class, for whom price is no consideration, and he is on the lookout for comfort and pleasure. On the other hand less affluent and middle income group customers always desire reasonable pricing for a decent comfort. This sort of data can be gathered from feedback forms (for return customers) and by judging them through correspondence or at the front office. Accordingly differential pricing strategy can be prepared depending upon their economic background. The visitor who's here on a tourism spree has the requirements for sight-seeing etc. Therefore, it is equally important the Hotel has a tie up with some tour operators for such sight-seeing tours etc. must be c. c. The business visitor on the hand requires a host of facilities like, meeting rooms, conference facilities, Fax, Wi-Fi,

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