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Nigeria festival Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Nigeria festival - Research Paper Example A wide range of festivities began the eating of new yam (Falola 143). This festival is organized after the people are able to get enough yields after the cultivation season, so basically this is how they express their feelings of joy and happiness by organizing just a big festival that gladdens the entire land of Igbo. New Yam Festival is celebrated at the time of completion of some serious farm work done by men to produce yam. It’s a ritual of dramatic performance and is seen as a dynamic and integral part of the culture of the people of Igbo. This 8-day festival accommodates people from different villages as well and thanksgiving to the gods and ancestors is undertaken. Not only adults but both young and old citizens participate in this festive treat and perform various rituals (Kalu 184). Eating and drinking along with dancing and singing music are the main features of this big annual ritual festival. At different periodic levels, the male head of the family manifests his joy and happiness by ringing the bell of his buffalo several times. Wine is being served in horns of oxen and sometimes in buffaloes’. People who are poor and less privileged are not allowed to drink this way. Discrimination is one of the inner features of this celebration that takes place. These people use gourd cups, along with women and children. This festival is an official declaration of the eating of new yam which is the result of intense hard work all during the year (Okoroike 135). This festival holds a significant role in the lives of the people who belong to Igbo land. It is demonstrated at the beginning even before the ceremony is being commenced which is the ritual washing of the children which are about to partake in the festival. After making a ritual space with the help of leaves, children are made to stand in it and then with some religious recitations, through the throat, they are asked to pass certain materials and then spit them out on the ground. Some of

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Shame Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Shame - Essay Example According to Piaget’s theory of moral reasoning, children come to better learn morality when they work in groups with others. Piaget advanced that there is a way in which kids align to societal norms in terms expectations and the process is active. He also observed that young children will look at issues in terms of how certain actions affect them or what the outcomes of actions are. On the other hand much older children are more interested in the motive behind any action as opposed to the results of the particular action. The environment we grow up in or our developmental history is therefore a very important factor that influences our moral development. In the case study for instance, Dick Gregory had to go to school in order to learn hate. As a young boy he fell in love with Helene who is from a different social class but well mannered, clean and presentable. As a result of the friendship, Dick tries as much as possible to also look presentable, â€Å"I think I went to school then mostly to look at her. I brushed my hair and even got me a little old handkerchief. It was a ladys handkerchief, but I didnt want Helene to see me wipe my nose on my hand.† There is no doubt in taking all the sacrifices, Dick is trying to conform to the expectations of the new society expectations as dictated by the environment in the school. Considering that our development history and environment crucially influence our moral development process, it is therefore important to appreciate that our actions affect the way other people develop. The teacher’s attitudes in the case study greatly affected the two little children i.e. Dick and Helene. By turning off Dicks hard worked for contribution and referring to him in derogatory terms, â€Å"We are collecting this money for you and your kind, Richard Gregory. If your Daddy can give fifteen dollars you have no business being on relief,† Helene felt for her friend and even cried. On the other hand