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Business Model for Grandmas Treats Essay

There are many ways through which a business can go online. This paper examines a few of the online business models and helps find out which among these business models best suits â€Å"Grandmas Treats†. Site types While there are many different types of online business models, there are three most common ones viz. auction, portal and storefront. â€Å"Auction models are those in which the participants bid for products or services over the internet. The auction sites sometimes do not own the products on its site, but facilitates the process of listing and displaying goods as an affiliate† (Kinsler, 2009) Commissions are the main source of revenue in the auction business model. Advertising also forms a small portion of the revenue. In a portal business model, the so called portal website is like a gateway to the customers to various online stores. It provides personalized information to the users. A major portion of revenue in such a model is usually from personalized advertising. â€Å"The store front business model is a shopping location that customers can browse and shop from the comfort of their homes, and where businesses can advertise their products and services for a fraction of the cost of brick and mortar businesses† (Kinsler, 2009) The store front shop can reach its customer either directly or through the portals such as Yahoo or Google. The store front business model is best suited for individual businesses which provide a unique product offering. Companies that use these business models Portal business model – Yahoo According to Deitel and Deitel: Sites such as yahoo. com provide users with a shopping page that links them to thousands of sites carrying a variety of products†¦ Yahoo! provides consumer with shopping-cart capabilities†¦ To improve the quality of its web searching capabilities, Yahoo! as partnered with Google. com search engine†¦ Yahoo! is made more attractive for the user†¦ As this model needs the user to register, the web page that opens after registration is a personalized one based on the information provided by the users. (Deitel and Deitel, 2000) Thus Yahoo’s portal model is convenient for customers who need to shop a variety of similar or dissimilar produc ts. Say when a consumer is done shopping and is ready to check out, he can purchase all their items through the single portal (Yahoo! ) rather than purchasing at each store. This simplifies the purchasing process and provides convenience to the customer. Auction business model – eBay Another type of business model is the auction model. Such websites act as forums through which internet users can be either a seller or bidder. Online auction off late has become a very popular and successful method of e-commerce. The leading company in this business is e-bay. It is one of the most profitable businesses. On eBay people are able to buy and sell almost everything. eBay has spawned a number of businesses that use the site as their means of selling products. The main advantage that e-bay offers is that there are no overhead or upfront costs. The seller can sell his product without incurring any high costs as he does not need sales staff or distributors. There is also no need of any initial investment and most importantly the seller gets access to millions of online auctions from buying customers. And hence it has become a forum where there are no geographical constraints. Bidders and sellers from all over the world can come together and moreover there is no need to ship the products to a central location which reduces the costs and the seller’s minimum acceptable price. Many businesses would prefer eBay as they can avoid losses on sale of items by setting the minimum bid price high enough to cover their cost. Advantages Yahoo which uses the portal business model has a lot advantages over its competitors. Many of the websites are viewed by the users mainly through the portals (through yahoo search, yahoo shopping etc†¦) thus Yahoo can leverage this to generate revenues. Similarly eBay offers many of the businesses a platform to showcase their products in its site. Thus it could generate revenues by charging those businesses which benefit by utilizing the eBay auction system. Business model for â€Å"Grandmas Treats† â€Å"Grandmas Treats† has a specialty product i. e. low sugar bakery products which it needs to make available to its customers through the World Wide Web. Since Grandmas Treats has a unique product which it needs to take to its customers, it would be appropriate for it to make use of the storefront business model. It could also make use of the internet portals such as Yahoo or Google to direct more customers to its website. Would dynamic pricing apply for â€Å"Grandmas Treats†? Grandmas Treats’ core product is low sugar baked products. The target customers for Grandmas Treats would be those who are calorie conscious and those who are with specific ailments such as diabetes. These customers usually prefer a low sugar food product as compared to the normal food products. Hence Grandmas Treats could expect to have more or less constant demand for its product in the market. Therefore â€Å"Grandmas Treats† need not have to use dynamic pricing.

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Every Child Is Special

In   this   world,   children   exist   with   exceptional   behaviors.   Their   behavior   is   hard   to   accept   for   the   society.   Teachers   play   a   very   vital   role   in   making   them   educated.   First   of   all   teacher   should   be   trained   to   work   in   the   school   where   there   are   children   with   exceptionalities.   Sometimes   it   becomes   very   hard   for   the   teacher   to   react   in   a   right   manner   when   they   teach.   The   students   with   behavioral   issues   needs   extra   of   teaching   and   attention. The   small   classes   would   help   a   lot   in   teaching   them   effectively.   Also   there   must   be   a   room   for   visiting   faculty   to   come   and   take   extra   sessions.   This   not   only   comes   out   to   be   beneficial   for   children   but   also   is   a   help   to   the   teachers.   There   could   be   a   new   technique   of   teaching   or   handling   the   students   and   could   be   advantageous.   The   visiting   faculty   proves   out   to   be   change   for   the   students. The   good   teacher   is,   who   emphasize   on   child's   ability   not   disability.   The   disability   must   be   removed   but   without   depressing   a   child.   A   child   must   know   about   his   disabilities,   but   he   must   also   that   he   has   abilities   which   are   more   in   number   than   his   disabilities.   A   teacher   must   teach   with   a   mentality   that   every   child   has   some   incapacities.   Teacher   should   help   a   child   in   bringing   up   his   abilities   and   should   curb   the   disabilities   silently.   Expectations   should   be   high,   because   every   child   can   achieve   some   position   in   a   society   according   to   his   potential,   but   this   needs   assistance. Environment   of   class   should   be   positive   and  Ã‚   friendly.   This   depends   on   a   teacher   that   how   she   maintain   the   environment.   Because   the   positive   environment   boost   the   learning   capabilities   of   a   child.   Also   the   behavior   of   a   child   depends   on   his   surroundings.   If   a   child   feels   threatened   by   something   then   it   is   obvious   that   his   behavior   would   change.   Sometimes   it   become   very   important   for   a   teacher   to   know   about   child's   likes   and   dislikes. Every   child   has   an   individual   goal,   so   from   time   to   time   teachers   should   keep   themselves   updated   that   how   far   he   has   progressed.   The   grade   does   not   tell   everything   about   what   the   child   has   learned   so   far.   The   emphasis   on   grade   should   be   low.   Teacher   should   know   what   he   has   learned   so   far   or   in   which   field   is   he   lacking   behind. This   also   boosts   up   the   confidence   of a   child. The   whole   learning   process   makes   a   child   tired.   This   not   only   effects   their   learning   abilities   but   also   distracts   them.   Therefore   a   teacher   should   employ   proper   techniques   for   relaxing   in   a   class.   A   child   with   attention   disorder   gets   mentally   tired   soon.   There   should   be   proper   relaxing   techniques   like   listening   to   soft   music   or   playing   games.   Playing   games   not   only   ease   a   child   but   also   keeps   them   healthy. The   first   thing   a   child   should  Ã‚   learn   is   to   take   care   of   himself.   They   should   be   made   self   dependent.   Taking,   basic   example   a   child   must   learn   to   tie   his   shoe   laces.   The   dependent   child   always   has   a   low   confidence   level.   There   must   be   short   extra   sessions   to   teach   the   students,   how   to   take   care   of   themselves,   or   how   to   be   more   organized. There   should   be   also   be   sessions   to   prevent   behavior   issues.   Sometimes   teacher   takes   a   child   as   a   normal   child,   she   does   not   lay   stress   on   the   behavior   problems.   But   she   does   not   know   that   the   lack   of   attention   by   a   teacher   encourages   the   problem   in   a   child. But   sometimes   these   session   proves   out   to   be   futile   as   students   continues   to   misbehave,   then   it   is   necessary   to   know   that   they   are   misbehaving   because   of   these   sessions.   Because   the   sessions   does   not   fit   to   their   needs   every time,   and   they   wait   for   someone   who   can   help   them   in   personal. In   case   of   higher   education   there   are   many   faculties   who   are   taking   a   single   class.   The   coordination   between   these   faculties   is   a   must   so   that   the   students   does   not   get   confused   between   all   the   faculties.   A   teacher   has   its   own   style   of   teaching   and   if   another   teacher   comes   and   teaches   them   in   totally   different   style   it   becomes   hard   for   the   students   to   know,   which   one   they   should   follow.   Therefore   all   the   faculties   teaching   a   particular   class   should   know   about   each   other   teaching   styles,   it   becomes   easy   for   a   student   to   learn. Teacher   should   make   sure   the   behavioral   improvements   and   achievements   generalize   to   other   situations.   They   should   make   sure   that   what   they   teach   should   apply   in   most   of   the   real   world   situations.   The   generalized   teachings   proves   out   to   be   more   beneficial   to   the   students,   as they   come   to   know   the   particular   thing   that   they   have   learned   can   apply   in   the   most   of   the   problems.   This   type   of   teaching   method   proves   out   to   be   very   beneficial   because   students   can   learn   more   things   with   less   stress   on   their   brains. Students   should   learn   to   socialize   with   other   students   who   may   or   may   not   be   disable   like   them.   The   interaction   with   other   students   should   be   started   at   the   beginning   of   their   year.   Their   should   be   learning   centers   that   promote   social   interaction   for   these   children’s.   Necessary   social   skills   should   be   taught   in   the   learning   centers.   If   the   school   is   finding   it   difficult   to   start   learning   centers   then   skills   should   be   taught   in   the   lunch   time   or   in   the   free   period. Literature   Review:- Teaching   strategies   for   attention   deficit   hyperactivity   disorder:– Unable   to   pay   attention,   hyperactivity,   impulsive   are   the   signs   of   ADHD.   There   are   about   three   to   five   percent   of   the   students   in   United   States   who   are   suffering   from   ADHD   (   American Psychiatric Association, 1994   ).   The   students   suffering   from   ADHD   fail   to   finish   their   homework   and   are   careless.   Older   students   with   ADHD   are   less   communicative   and   react   spontaneously.   The   main   symptoms   are:– 1)   Restlessness 2)   Unable   to   concentrate 3)   Difficulty   in   following   instructions 4)   Losing   things 5)   Doing   little   mistakes 6)   Great   deal   of   mood   swings Teacher   should   start   with   evaluating   the   child's   needs   and   strengths.   The   assessment   should   be   done   on   the   behavior   and   academic   needs.   After   evaluating   all   their   needs   appropriate   practice   should   be   chose.   The   selected   practice   should   gain   the   attention   of   the   child   and   is   appropriate   to   their   age.   It   should   be   kept   in   mind   that   the   practice   that   is   selected   should   be   a   additional   benefit   to   the   students   who   do   not   have   ADHD.   After   selecting   all   the   practices   they   must   be   wrapped   up   in   a   single   program. After   the   conclusion   of   each  Ã‚   lesson   the   selected   practice   should   achieve   its   goal.   The   lessons   must   be   presented   in   a   different   manner.   Teacher   should   prepare   the   lesson   and   the   activities   planned   in   advance.   The   review   of   the   previous   lessons   also   proves   out   to   be   beneficial   for   the   students.   Teacher   must   identify   all   the   materials   needed   in   the   classroom,   because   sometimes   it   becomes   very   difficult   for   the   children   to   identify   the   materials   on   their   own. It   is   very   hard   for   the   students   with   ADHD   to   change   from   one   topic   to   another.   Therefore   revision   of   the   previous   lecture   is   a   must.   The   use   of   audiovisual   materials   helps   the   students   a   lot. Describe   how   students   can identify   and   correct   their   own   mistakes.   For   example,   remind   students   that   they   should   check   their   calculations   in math   problems   and   reiterate how   they   can   check their   calculations;   remind   students   of   particularly   difficult  Ã‚   spelling rules   and   how   students   can   watch   out   for   easy- to – make   errors. If   the   teacher   tries   to   lower   the   noise   level   in   the   classroom   it   helps   a   child   in   maintaining   his   focus. Teaching   strategies   for   students   with   emotional   behavioral   disorder:- For   teaching   the   students   with   EBD   teacher   should   encourage   the   positive   learning   techniques.   The   objectives   of   the   lesson   should   be   presented   before   which   helps   in   predictability.   The   presentation   should   be   exciting,   and   if   the   students   performs   well   he   should   be   given rewards.   This   helps   a   lot   in   dealing   with   the   students   with   EBD.   The   vocabulary   used   in   the   presentation   should   be   lucid   and   the   feedback   should   be   given   immediately. The   lessons   should   be   started   with   the   interesting   items   or   questions.   It   should   be   kept   in   mind   that   if   a   teacher   wants a   child   to   be   excited   about   learning   then   teacher   should   be   excited   about   teaching.   While   taking   up   the   lessons   students   should   know   that   they   are   learning   and   making   progress.   After   completing,   the   lesson   must   be   revised   and   the   students   should   be   prepared   to   move   to   next   lesson.   The   long   presentations   must   be   cut   into   short   presentations,   so   as   in   case   of   long   assignments.   Extra   time   should   be   given   to   students   for   completing   their   work. The   environment   of   a   class   should   be   healthy.   Rules and   regulations   should   be   made   and   teach   them   to   act   in   accordance   with   the   rules.   The   environment   of   a   class   should   be   quiet   as   well   active.   Adequate   materials   should   be   provided   to   them   so   that   they   do   not   feel   shortage   of   resources   in   between   the   lecture.   There should   be enough room   for   the   students   to   move   in   the   classroom   without   disturbing   each other   and   adequate   space   must   be   provided   to   them   for   their   personal   belongings.   The   classroom   rules should   be   less   and   positive.   They   should   emphasize   more   on   like   what   students   must   do   in   class. Teacher   should   communicate   with   a   child   in   a   non   threatening   manner   and   should   show   the   personal   interest   in   a   child.   This   makes   a   child   feel   good   and   boost   up   his   confidence   level.   Proper   gestures   and   body   language   is   very   important   in   communication.   The   gesture   given   should   be   holding   longer   than   normal.   Speaking   slowly   and   clearly   are   also   very   important.   Proper   wait   time   should   be   included   because   some   students   are   slow   learners. Managing   behavior   is   very   important   in   dealing   with   the   EBD   students.   Sometimes   it   proves   out   to   be   very   beneficial   to   ignore   the   negative   behaviors,   because   sometimes   a   child   behaves   negatively   in   order   to   grab   the   attention.   Punishment   should   only   be   used   in   a   case   when   the   behavior   of   a   child   is   harmful   for   other   students. There   must   be   a   social   problem   technique,   which   effectively   identifies   the   problems   and   provides   the   best   solution   for   it.   Anger   management   is   the   main   problem   with   the   child   suffering   from   EBD.   Anger   is   natural   so   it   useful   to   teach   anger   control   techniques   rather   anger   elimination   techniques.   The   first   step   in   anger   management   is   to   convince   a   child   that   he   should   change,   teaching   relaxation   techniques   helps   a   lot. Teaching   strategies   for   the   students   having   learning   disabilities:- Learning   disabilities   is   a   problem   in   which   a   child   finds   difficulty   in   organizing   received   information,   remembering   them,   manipulating   them.   But   with   the   effective   learning   strategies   they   can   be   taught   effectively.   The   common   symptoms   are   difficulty   in   learning,   poor   memory,   difficulty   in   remembering   facts,   confusion   among   the   basic   words,   spelling   and   reading   errors,   impulsive   behavior   etc.  ·      The   course   load   should   be   low,   because the   course   load  Ã‚   will   make   them   even   more   poor   learners.  ·    Questions should   be   asked   in   a   clarifying   manner,   the   language   used   must   be   easy   to   digest.  ·      The   key   points   of   the   chapter   must   be   told   before   the   beginning   of   the   chapter.  ·      While   writing   on   the   board   verbalize   what   is   being   written,   the   audio   and   video   effects   in   teaching   boost   up   the   learning   capabilities.  ·      The   environment   of   the   class   must   be   peaceful   so   that   the   students   do   not   feel   diverted.  ·      The   assignments   should   be   given   in   oral   form   as   well   as   in   written   form.  ·      They   should   be   given   more   time   to   complete   difficult   assignments.  ·      The   pace   of   teaching   should   be   kept   in   accordance   with   their   learning   abilities.  ·      Using   plenty   of   examples   in   the   presentation   makes   their   understanding   level   high.  ·      Encourage   them   to   borrow   the   classmate’s   notes   if   required.  ·      Colored   apparatus   must   be   used   for   high   visual   recognition. Group   discussion   helps   a   lot   for   the   students   having   learning   disabilities,   for   them   group   discussion   is   fun   as   well   as   is   beneficial   in   learning.   Encourage   them   to   ask   questions   during   or   after   the   lecture   to   make   sure   that   they   have   understood   completely.   Teacher   must   pay   individual   attention   towards   every   child.   Frequent   sessions   with   a   child   for   proper   assessment   should   be   conducted.   Using   large   fonts   make   their   processing   fast. Give   individual   conferences   to   guide   students   with learning   disabilities   to   monitor   progress   and   understanding   of   the   assignment   and   of   the   course   content. Examples   of   science   role   models   with   disabilities   should   be   given   to   them   frequently   so   that   they   do   not   feel   depressed.   Encourage   them   to   ask   for   help   whenever   needed. It   would   be   wrong   to   assess   the   potential   of   a   child   on   the   basis   of   test   scores.   Every   child   has   its   own   strength   and   weaknesses. Summary:- The   main   aim   of   teaching   is to educate   individuals   who   are   active   members   in   the   society   at   it’s   various   levels. Teachers   are   very   important   in   our   society   because   we   need   them   to   provide   our   youth   with   the   knowledge   and social   experiences   they   will   need   to   improve   their   future   and   the   future   of   the   entire   planet. While   teaching   students   with   exceptionalities   teacher   should   keep   in   mind   that   every   child   is   special.   Teacher   should   not   run   from  Ã‚   their   responsibilities,   they   can   change   the   life   of   these   children’s.   Every   child   likes   different   environment,   so   it   better   for   a   teacher   to   try   to   educate   them   keeping   in   mind   their   likes   and   dislikes. Teachers   can   apologies   to   the   government   to   issue   the   policies   which   are   in   pure   favor   of   these   children’s.   Like   in   maximum   countries   reservations   are   made   for   these   children. The   teachers should   motivate   the   society   around   them   to   take   care   of   these   children.   We   should   all believe   that   there   are   hopes   for   those   children’s   and   we   can   do   something   for   them.   These   children   have   their   own   qualities   like   others   and   they   can   help   our   society   uprising.   No   one   should   take   it   as   taken   for   granted   because   this   can   happen   to   any   body,   what   if  Ã‚   they   got   suffered   with  Ã‚   the  Ã‚   same.   The   society   will   surely  Ã‚  Ã‚   turn   their   face   around   from   those   children.   But   if   we   all   together   work   for   them   then   changes   can   be   there. Questions:— 1)   Did   you   ever   felt   frustrated   in   teaching   students   with   exceptionalities? 2)   What   are   the   important   strategies   adopted   by   you? 3)   How   you   will   handle  Ã‚   the   disputes   between   the   students? 4)   Any   special   apparatus   is   required   for   teaching   them? 5)   What   are   the   methods   you   have   implemented   to   provide   social   exposure? 6) According   to   you   what   kind   of   environment   do   you   think   is   best   suited   for   them? References Adelizzi,   Jane U.   &   Goss,   Diane B.,   (2001),   Parenting   children   with   learning disabilities,   Greenwood Publishing  Ã‚   Group,   ISBN: 0897897722 Dockrell, Julie,   & McShane, John   (1993), Children's   learning   difficulties:   A   cognitive  Ã‚   approach,   Blackwell Publishing,   ISBN: 0631170170

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Brave New World Critical Lens Essay

â€Å"I have freedom,† you say? Do you really? Perhaps, in some ways, you do. But in the end, you’re just another puppet being controlled by invisible strings whether you know it or not. â€Å"Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains,† Jean-Jacques Rousseau once said. In society, man is â€Å"chained† and controlled by the government, by pressure of conforming to the social norms, by wealth and social class, and by one’s desires and emotions. Prior to birth, man is not restricted by such factors but that is merely a fleeting moment as he is slowly exposed to more and more of the world. I agree that â€Å"everywhere [man] is in chains,† but on the contrary, I believe man is already chained from the start—that man is never free. In the novel, Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, babies are â€Å"decanted† and conditioned to play out their predestined roles in the World State. As early as the embryonic stage, babies-to-be alr eady have their fates determined for them. In addition to conditioning, a drug called soma that induces a false sense of happiness dominates these people’s lives. As long as there is society, there will be shackles. Subjects of the World State were pre-separated into specific caste levels through processes such as the Bokanovsky Process, hypnopaedia, and Pavlovian conditioning. As mere embryos, they were already being trained for their predestined fates. By the time they reached the end of the â€Å"assembly line,† freedom did not exist anymore. They were enslaved to society. They were conditioned to strictly love and enjoy the aspects of their own castes and dislike the aspects of other castes. â€Å"We also predestine and condition. We decant our babies as socialized human beings, as Alphas or Epsilons, as future sewage workers†¦ (13)† stated the Director of Hatcheries matter-of-factly. How can man be born—or in this case, decanted ¬Ã¢â‚¬â€free if he can’t even make his own major life decisions or think for himself? Aside from conditioning, World State citizens so easily obeyed the government because they lived in such a â€Å"perfect† world that there just wasn’t anything to complain about. Generally, they didn’t have any problems in regards to sickness, death, desires, old age, passion, relationships and other issues that were often associated with an â€Å"unstable† society. â€Å"People are happy; they get what they want, and they never want what they can’t get.  (220)† If anything â€Å"bad† happened, all they had to do was take a tablet. â€Å"And do remember that a gramme is better than a damn. (55)† The World State government kept their people in â€Å"bottles.† â€Å"’Each one of us, of course†¦goes through life inside a bottle,’ stated Mustapha Mond. (222-223)† The government expected everyone to act according to the standard of infantile behavior—of simple satisfaction, ignorance, and lack of self-restraint and they condemned anyone who acted otherwise. Citizens of the society were encouraged to take soma when distressed and attend social events and activities and so on. It was through such ways that the people were kept distracted and obliviously controlled. These â€Å"socialized human beings† were so ignorant of the shackles around their limbs that they didn’t even try or think to take them off. When a man is born with chains—metaphorically speaking, of course—he is unaware of them. And if he is unaware of them, then there is no way for him to escape them. Such is the case with the people of the World State. They are conditioned to accept and even enjoy whatever path that is laid out in front of them. In this illusion of a perfect world, everyone is happy and without a care as the government does all the thinking for them. Ultimately, people of the World State are permanently trapped in a stage of â€Å"infancy†Ã¢â‚¬â€even upon their deathbeds.

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Henri MatisseAnd Fauvism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Henri MatisseAnd Fauvism - Essay Example The essay "Henri Matisse And Fauvism" analyzes Henri Matisse's art and Fauvism. Matisse describes his drawings based on his vision of expressionism and the idea of passion that is â€Å"mirrored on the human face, or betrayed by a violent gesture†. The section was the resulting text, in which Matisse focused on his past works and present works, as he thought that he could never go back and change a painting that he had done. Matisse demonstrates his value and appreciation towards the â€Å"old masters†, such as Signac, Denis and Blanche. He synthesized their works with his own examinations of nature, as he claims in his own book, Matisse on Art: â€Å"to absorb the lessons of the masters and then to ‘forget’ them in order to arrive at a means of personal expression†. Matisse further discusses the creation of space with regards to the objects that constitute them and their different planes in space, as he states: â€Å"in perspective, but in a perspe ctive of feeling, in suggested perspective.† The idea of a radiant space is parallel to intangible space that can be seen in his paintings also, corresponding to Fauvism’s use of space. Matisse claims: â€Å"a drawing must have a power of expansion which can bring to life the space which surrounds it.† Similarly, human emotions were critical to paintings, according to Matisse, as he suggests: â€Å"My line drawing is the purest and most direct translation of my emotion. â€Å"Harmonies and dissonance of color can produce very pleasurable effects.†

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Shinto Current Issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Shinto Current Issues - Essay Example In this respect, religions of the Oriental world appear to be extremely interesting for research and deductive in their heart from the perspective of their main principle of leading a spiritual life in harmony with inner and outer world. One of such confessions or rather to say ways of life is the Shinto religion. So, lets consider common characteristics of Shintoism and Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism in general and a specific contemporary state of Shintoism in particular. â€Å"Today, if you ask what religion they follow, most Japanese would say that they do not follow any religion† (Miyamoto, 2011).The same image appears in other countries of the Oriental world, for its peoples really don’t confess any religion but abide this or that living philosophy. One way or another, there is nothing surprising in the fact that all nations of the same semantically unionized area share some common traits in their believes. As it has been mentioned above, Shintoism, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism advocate the same key principle of a balanced life within nature and the world. It refers to a grateful and favorable attitude towards everything of animated and inanimate nature, as any creature comes laden with a particular meaning for the world (everything has its sole). Moreover, a destiny of stones, trees, animals, humans is defined by their positively or negatively lived being, which is led by a particular way of thinking. As a r esult, souls are degenerated influenced by deeds and their effects while living. Hence, there is another common characteristic, that is, a belief in circulation of life and death, reincarnation of soul into bodies of inanimate subjects, animals, humans and gods (Bumb, 2010). Polytheism is the next common denominator of the Oriental religions, since there are numerous gods, the great people and

Indian banking industry Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

Indian banking industry - Dissertation Example The intention of this study is the banking industry of India. The introduction of the banking concept is attributed to the medieval Florence in the year 1937. Medici, a powerful and renowned merchant family, introduced networking system in shops through which people can easily deposit and withdraw their money from different cities. It provided the people with the facilitation of easy transfer of money while avoiding carrying large amount of cash while traveling. Initially banks in India were dealing only with the financing activities. The overall history of the Indian banking industry have seen the ears of Presidency banks, to Imperial Bank of India, and lastly to the State Bank of India. During different time periods the banking sector of India has been facing a volatile environment and because of this there have been shift from majority of private ownership to nationalism and now it is moving towards the greater liberalization. The government knows that there is an important role o f private and foreign players in the banking industry as there is huge competition. During the period of evolution the banking industry of India has witnessed immense development in terms of regulations, new and unique products and services offered which facilitate people and attract them towards itself, ownership structure and the technology deployed. Nowadays Indian banks are continuously focusing on the introduction of new services offered in order to meet their customer expectations. The challenges and opportunities being faced by the Indian banks in this regard, consists of rural market, management of risks, customer expectation, transparency, environmental concerns, social and ethical issues, global banking, growth in banking sector, human factor, customer and employee retentions. The biggest challenge is to reach the mass market of India. First of all, the banks have to focus and understand the customer and then have to design products and services according to their needs (K umbhar, 2011). Nowadays, consumer demands mobile banking, internet banking and ATM services because consumer is very well aware of each and everything and their expectations and demands have increased as compare to previous years. For this reason, banking industry in India is going towards differentiation, product innovation and technology innovation. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT: The following are the aims and objectives of the study To analyze the evolution of IT in the Banking industry of India To analyze how IT has influenced the banking industry of India BRIEF OVERVIEW OF THE LITERATURE REVIEW: Banking is one of the oldest professions of the world and has gone through various transitions with the passage of time and developments. One of the key developments in the recent years, that has changed Indian banking sector tremendously, is the evolution of IT sector in banking industry of India, due to which today banking has become an easy to do

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Budget Control Methodology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Budget Control Methodology - Essay Example Control Centers To build a budgetary control hub together with your business clusters. Usually, responsibility centers are classified into four; investment, revenue, profits and expense. Conventionally, these are characterized by income and cash flow account. Together, these statements have ordinary interconnections, which can be scrutinized with time to achieve equilibrium. The working capital formula derived from the value of current assets minus current liabilities qualifies as a general assessment tool for investors while judging company's basic operational competence. Capital values affixed to any inventory, also known as current assets or money owed to the firm by clients, which is the current liabilities, may not be utilized to settle up a firm’s financial liability. When the flow of working capital is delayed between different cycles, then inefficiency is said to have occurred (Brownell 1985). Forecasting Forecasting is the most decisive element in a budgetary techniqu e. This entails the capacity to chart out a well planned strategy for future prospects. Simply, forecasting is deliberating on potential aspect that may arise in coming days. Every manager is obliged to organize specific drafts, showing objectives and capital requirements. These needs should be assessed against the larger outlook to guarantee compatibility with business standards. A lot of emphasis should be directed towards setting up a responsive budget, which presents proportions of general accounts for relevant sectors. Budgeting should be considered as a device in addition to a control measure (Little et al. 2002). 2. Costing methodologies: While examining costing methods, several methods may be applied to establish expenditure proportionate to administrative obligations. These applications may be classified as follows: Absorption costing: this denotes the guarantee of expenses after they are incurred according to the structure - both fixed and unpredictable costs are apportion ed to cost units while the sum total of overheads is taken up by real activity levels. Absorption costing is defined as total costing owing to the fact that total costs are final amounts assigned to costs. This is also submitted as a standard or time based costing. Still, due to the reality that costs are certified after they have been acquired, and large time-gaps subsist from the point of expenditure to the time of cost citation, it is evident that it does not mitigate cost control. Marginal costing: this system illustrates the theory whereby variable expenses are levied to expenditure units, whereas fixed costs associated with the related duration is settled up wholly versus the input in the given timeframe. The contribution noted marks the variation between sales and the subsidiary cost of sale. Marginal costing can be described as a straight or variable costing.   The technique is a vital tool to the management while deliberating on crucial guidelines, which include pricing, product preference and final choice. Standard costing: this strategy employs standard for costs and returns with a view to management through a variance investigation. Values are set up according to each cost factor on a systematic basis for nonstop future prospects, while actual expenses are weighed up against the same standards. Discrepancies accrued from standards are investigated; logical causes are formed and remedial measures put in place to deter a repeat of wasteful business practices. Differential costing: the technique is mainly concerned with

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Tanker Shipping Market Outlook Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Tanker Shipping Market Outlook - Case Study Example Finally, there would be capacity issues imposed by seaway regulations associated with allowable freight sizes that could further limit profitability and competitive advantage. The business recognizes cost issues in proposing new strategies, evident in recognition of RFID investment and concerns over the pricing model after investing in RFID. Is diversification the most effective strategy to improve the competitive position and profitability of Great Lakes Carriers or should the business continue with its current operational model for iron ore freight? D. Conduct a research study on safety risks associated with railroad transport versus lake shipment to present to customers currently using railroad for grain deliveries and enhancing railroad market share in the process. Solution A would be the most viable to GLC. Purchasing the new fleet would not only serve new markets and improve profitability, but it would also give the business more assets. Leszczynski (2009) identifies that new ships maintain almost the same depreciated value after five years as at the time of purchase. Thus, the life cycle of these ships gives more asset protection and would also improve the capacity of Great Lakes Carriers to gain more market share. The low capacity ships required due to size restrictions by regulatory forces on the lakes cost approximately 43 million USD (UNCTAD, 2006). It is also common practice in the maritime shipping industry to hedge against potential risks, such as demand decreases, through Freight Forward Agreements (Kavussanos, 2003). This could help offset the one-time high investment as well as new market share improvements. GLC should consult with new and used ship sellers to identify the most practical solutions for procurement.  

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Cultural Differences of Brazil, China and Nigeria Essay - 4

Cultural Differences of Brazil, China and Nigeria - Essay Example Like any other company, Stipel Marketing has to prepare itself for this process and this reports highlights some of the factors that need to be considered to enable a smooth transition. Human resource is very important to any organization. This is because it provides the organization with skilled manpower that helps it to achieve its objectives. Our organization provides an open type of communication platform where employees and their supervisors get to interact freely and share their thoughts and ideas. Given that we are a marketing company, communication is core in our business and this must be enhanced at all costs. At the United Kingdom head office, the staff has adapted to this open plan network and it has proved beneficial to the company so far (Green, 2011). As the company seeks to expand and explore other business opportunities around the globe it is important for the company to analyze the communities in these target markets so as to know which approach to use to get the best talent. In some areas around the globe, workers are not allowed to mingle freely with their supervisors and this is what will make them perform optimally. However, in other parts of t he globe, employees are free to interact with their superiors (Gordon-Reed, 2008). This gives them a sense of togetherness and they are able to perform more efficiently. All these factors are to be considered if the organization is to establish sustainable and rewarding working relationships with these colleagues from other countries. The countries that are in focus in this report are Nigeria, China and Brazil, each of which has its own distinct culture. The role of this report is to showcase the opportunities and the challenges that may arise as the organization tries to establish cross cultural operations (Golden, 2005).

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Globalization and Production Chain Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 words

Globalization and Production Chain - Essay Example Globalization refers to the increasing universal connectivity and economic integration of cross-border activities in the corporate sector through removals of barriers of free trade and capital mobility. It has major impacts on the world in the financial, communal, cultural, political, environmental and technological areas. Globalization is a comprehensive term and it has a number of key concepts and theories concealed within it. The idea can perchance be better portrayed as an idle process built upon a number of sub-processes such as virtual corporations across physical borders, progress in information technology, elimination of cultural and physical barriers etc. that are increasingly shrinking the humanity into a global system constituting of a universal society. The best example of globalization is the internet revolution. Despite the level of importance acquired by the subject a standard definition is yet to evolve and a number of varied opinions dominated by the perceived merits of the concept are used to describe the all important the driving engine of the 21st Century. Globalization has been defined been defined with respect to various aspects of life some view it as the homogenization of cultures, norms, values and attitudes across transnational borders. While others consider it as the standardization of procedures, experiences and knowledge which may not only be limited to the corporate sector but even to other areas that impact an individual's life in current globally influenced society. On the other hand from an economics point of view globalization is considered to be the meeting of prices, products, wages, rates of interest and profits towards the developed country's standards. Notwithstanding the varying opinions the following attributes have been universally accepted to be associated with the impacts of globalization and whatever leads to any of the following results would be an aspect of the Globalization. People around the world are integrated and connected to each other while the physical distances have shrunken. This trend has been evident in the aftermath of the evolution of information technology. A convenient flow of information and capital throughout the globe. Goods and services manufactured in one country being easily accessible by the people living in other countries. The role of Multinational Corporations (MNC's) has been evident in this case. Communication and journey across the borders becomes a routine activity. All the above states characteristics can be easily identified in the current environment we live in. To maintain a Mercedes, wear a French perfume, to talk to friend in Australia, to be able transfer money from New York to London in a split second or to be roaming on the streets of Delhi within a couple of days are realities that have traveled through the dark roads of idealism and have blessed us by the virtue of globalization. A question then arises is globalization a feature of the 20th Century or its existence can be traced back further. The answer to this is that globalization has been a phenomenon that is as old as the human existence. Man has always tried to break down the shackles of physical frontiers and explore new horizons. From the time when human being first involved into barter trade till the undertaking of organizational activities through

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Dispostional Personality Theories Essay Example for Free

Dispostional Personality Theories Essay The two most common dispositional theories are Allport’s psychology of the individual theory and the trait and factor theory. Allport’s psychology of the individual theory emphasized that people are unique, even though they may share traits in common, and those unique qualities are what should be focused on. â€Å"More than any other personality theorist, Gordon Allport emphasized the uniqueness of the individual. He believed that attempts to describe people in terms of general traits rob them of their unique individuality†. In order to focus on the individuals uniqueness Allport felt that a broad theory is more useful than a narrow one and he would use information from different theorist in his research. For many years there has been much debate about how many traits actually have an effect on an individual’s personality. In recent years the majority of theorist have come to the conclusion that five is the magic number. Esyneck, McCrae, and Costa have focused their studies on the trait and facto theory and have done much research using standardized tests, clinical observations, and observations from friends and families of the individuals studied. â€Å"Trait and factor theories of personality are based on factor analysis, a procedure that assumes that human traits can be measured by correlational studies†. Each of these theories have different approaches to explaining an individual’s behavior. Both Allport’s psychology of the individual theory and the trait and factor theory have its own effect on individual personalities. Interpersonal relationships are influenced by each of these theories in its own way as well.

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The play “Macbeth” Essay Example for Free

The play â€Å"Macbeth† Essay At the beginning of this exam we read through the play entitled â€Å"Macbeth† so we had an idea of the plot of the play I think this helped us all as most of the class had not read this play before and this made us want to learn more of Macbeth. Response Phase. Using still images and narration after we had read the play helped me to understand the play better than when I read it as you had a visual aid and could see exactly what was going on and having narration in Modern English made it easier to understand as we are used to Modern English. In order to create three still images with narration successfully we had to think about the relationships between characters within the play to make sure that the way in which we performed was as accurate as possible as then it made it easier for the audience to understand. When we performed the three still images with narration I found that putting emotion in your voice for the narration and using conscious movement when changing images was hard and we needed some more work on that however I feel that showing who we were acting towards other characters was easy and the audience knew who we were trying to act as. In the exam we did an exercise called â€Å"the mirror exercise† in this we got into pairs and had to stand facing each other and we had to copy our partner’s actions and movements to create an atmosphere and we compared this to characters in the play for example: When Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are arguing about killing the king in our movement piece we showed how the control of the two switched until Lady Macbeth wins the argument and we showed her higher in this piece showing that she had won the argument. In act 1 scene 3 we learnt through the mirror exercise that Macbeth is easily lead by Lady Macbeth in which he is willing to kill the king to make his wife happy and to make him self king this also shows that he is a greedy man. This exercise reflected upon me greatly as I got to see a different sides to lots of characters which I fell gave our performances a little more and we could perform better having done this. Hotseating Macbeth helped my understanding of the character much more as you could ask any questions which are unanswered within the text and you could also develop more of a background to the character and that meant you knew more about Macbeth so you could add more into your performances and this was much better than just being told about the character. What we discovered about Macbeth as a result of hotseating: He is a greedy man. A power thirsty man. Looks out for him self. Trusts his wife. Is loyal to whom he chooses. Is very deceiving. In act 1 scene 7 we used thought tracking, soundscape’s and abstract movement to explore the thoughts and inner turmoil in Macbeth’s mind and I fell that all f these strategies helped my understanding as I could discover more sides to Macbeth’s character which enhanced my performance when I was in his role. I discovered in this that Macbeth is a greedy man as he wants to kill a friend and a loyal boss just so he can have more power and be crowned king. In groups of three we identified and marked the moment that represented the struggle in Macbeths mind, we identified this moment by reading extracts and finding that moment, we found it as it was significant as it showed Macbeth talking to himself arguing with his conscious not knowing what to do that’s why we chose this scene. Following on from this we all created a short movement piece without dialogue to highlight this moment this deepened my understanding and effectiveness of the piece without dialogue as you got to watch Macbeths facial expressions and how he felt reflected upon them also you got to think for yourself what he may have been thinking so this helps to understand. Within this whole exam I feel that â€Å"the mirror exercise† helped me most to gain an insight into the characters of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. I think that this whole experience has helped me to understand the life and times that William Shakespeare wrote this as I can see that it is easy to get away with murders as there was no authorities like the police like we have today which shows it was a dangerous time and a lot has changed since then. Empathy to see and feel someone else’s point of view is so important not only for an actor but for society in general as if you do not always see eye to eye and you cannot compromise friction between people enter and this is when fights and disagreements all break out so it is important as you can then have a conversation and the tone of your voice can reflect upon that which helps keep the peace. Development Phase. We looked at act 1 scene 3, this is when Macbeth meets the three witches for the first time and also when he is told that he will be Thane of Cawdor and the king, here is how I think Macbeth would have felt about this, his thoughts on this life changing news: Thane of Cawdor? How can that be there is already a Thane of Cawdor. To be king wow that would be great but how do I achieve that? These women cannot speak truth there is no way this can come true, but what if they speak true and I can become Thane then king ? I must tell my wife! From the above in which I have just written I will now bullet point how I feel I would perform the extract above: My facial expression would be tense and confused. I would look down just glancing up every so often looking at people until the line beginning â€Å"These women† then look up. Once looking up stare at the three witches. Look at them angrily. Look out in the distance when â€Å"but what if† starts. Confused look again. Return to the atmosphere of the room quickly as you say â€Å"I must tell my wife†. We used drama to create our own version of act 1 scene 3 we used props symbolically within this scene for example: Drums to create the drum sound in the text, black cloth to show the darkness of the witch’s growing closer towards Macbeth. In this scene we tried to replicate Macbeths temptation when the weird sisters are telling him all him becoming Thane of Cawdor and king as in our group we felt that it was important to show his lust for the titles of Thane and King so we tried to show that the weird sisters are making his lust worse as they say he can be Thane and king so in a group we felt that the weird sisters were responsible for his temptation but also he controls this so in a way they are both responsible for the temptation towards the titles and thought that somehow they could be like a mirror to his own soul as he wants to be Thane and king but does not show it only deep in his soul so they are showing him this and he knows that it what he wants and what he lusts for in his soul. I feel that a twenty first century interpretation of the text would be very different to that of Shakespeare’s age when witch’s were considered to be real as today people would think nothing of someone saying that they would be Thane and king as there is no such thing as witches known in present times so Macbeth in present time would not be as spooked and as tempted as there is no fear in what they say today. If I could develop this drama through the use of costume, stage design, special effects and props I would have used lighting so that every so often when the witches finished a sentence they flashed so it gave the effect of lighting and mystery and to give the atmosphere of storm I would also use black clothes with were ripped and look dirty and for Macbeth I would wear battle clothes like armor as they had just come from battle in this scene. When creating this movement piece from act 1 scene 7 I feel it gave a great sense of how Macbeth was feeling and gave an idea of the thoughts going through his mind as he is drawn to what the witches are saying but backs away when in his mind he thinks it may happen and he becomes overwhelmed with the thought. I feel we could have developed this further by the speed in which Macbeths walks toward the witches and when he backs away as the tempo and rhythm of that could make the audience engage more with his thoughts, also using contrasts as in the stillness when Macbeth backs away to when he was all excited to hear he will be king when he is very active, using spoken language in this piece may have made this better as some members of the audience may not have fully understood what was going on within this piece. If we were to use our movement piece and turn it into a naturalistic role-play I would design the stage as a dark stormy sky as the witches bring storms and the blackness can symbolize evil being the witches. Within this role-play I would have to think about spoken language between the characters including gestures and how they should show how they really feel with body language and where the climax of the whole scene should be in order to make it work. Acting out the text using Shakespeare’s language was very challenging and difficult to master and I would need a lot of time to get it perfect. If I had a week to rehearse a scene I would pick the very first one in the play when you meet the witches for the first time as I think this sets the scene for the rest of the play, in this I would use my voice to project over the whole of the stage when needed to create a sense of the witches being mysterious and my body language would be very bizarre as the witches move like this to create a strange atmosphere.

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EasyJet emarketing strategies and its implementation

EasyJet emarketing strategies and its implementation Management Summary This report undertakes a study of EasyJet e-marketing strategies and its implementation outlining its impact on EasyJet operations as a whole. EasyJet is an airline company operating in Europe with its base in UK. It was founded by Stelios Haji-Ioannou in mid 1995. EasyJets operations are paperless, with all business transactions done through the internet. EasyJet has experienced a successful online business due to its e-market strategy that aims to provide low cost no frills air transportation. Under the strong and charismatic leadership of Stellios, it has accomplished its goal by creating brand awareness, adoption of an efficiency-driven operating model and maintenance of a high level customer satisfaction. EasyJet conducted its business using telephone in order to achieve the goal of undercutting traditional carriers and increase savings by direct selling. Business was later on conducted over the internet aiming to cut down cost on it call centers, to make flying affordable and to compete even with busses by attracting people who would have otherwise not travelled by air. EasyJet is doing this by using a website which is designed with high usability and has an intuitive navigation allowing user to do booking and purchase ticket online. EasyJet also does promotion on newspaper by running internet only promotion, giving discounts to consumers who purchase online only. This mix has helped in EasyJet promotion giving impressive results by achieving tremendous sales results. The design, structure, usability and usefulness of its website have enabled EasyJet to secure leverage over its competitors. The most important fact is that EasyJet has incorporated flexibility in its e-marketing strategy enabling it to anticipate changes and further develop its strategies to counter-act accordingly. The impact of EasyJet e-market strategy is evident on the growth that EasyJet has enjoyed through the years In general the e-marketing strategy followed by EasyJet works for it. EasyJet is obviously aware of its surrounding environment, and appreciates the magnitude of closely monitoring and control of its strategy, so as to stay ahead in an environment that constantly evolves by keeping a close eye on any happening changes. Its evident that EasyJet takes few risks and applies firm business principles while carefully exploring the market. Introduction Company Background, Financial Performance and Key Services EasyJet is an airline company based in Britain with its headquarters at London Luton Airport. It operates 500 domestic and international routes between 118 countries within Europe, West Asia and North Africa carrying more passengers than any other UK based airline. Its parent company EasyJet plc is listed in London Stock Exchange. (Wikipedia, n.d). EasyJet Airline was founded in Britain by Stellios Haji-Ioannou, holder of masters degree in business and son of a Greek Cypriot shipping tycoon. He started the company with  £5 million loaned by his father after he was approached by Virgin Atlantics Greek franchisee to invest in a London-Athens route and decided to start his own airline instead. The company started with two leased airplanes operating in two routes; London Luton to Edinburgh and Glasgow respectively and later Aberdeen. Stellios was inspired by principle of price elasticity applied by Southwest Airlines based in the United States. Southwest air fares were so low that the airline attracted people who would not have otherwise traveled by air. It aimed to compete with busses as much as it did with other airline companies. In the beginning, EasyJet operated a paper airline contracting British World Airlines to fly and maintain its two 148 seats leased planes. Its base in London was at Low-rent Luton airport. After acquiring its first plane, EasyJet started competing against British Airways and KLM on the route to Amsterdam focusing on short-haul routes aiming to offer half of its competitors fare. Stellios later on capitalized on the Swiss connection buying 40% stake in a failing charter airline; TEA Switzerland. It is believed that, in the beginning EasyJet spent all its revenue on advertising, offering cheap air fares. A specific example of billboards declaring a fare of  £29 for London-Scotland route which was one-tenth the price charged by British Airways. Advertisements on TV directed customers to bypass travel agents and directly call the company reservation number which was also painted on all EasyJet planes. Direct selling was the strategy from start and later the Internet became EasyJets preferred booking media. Dress code for its employees was jeans and orange sweatshirts which reflected a casual yet fast-paced attitude. Only pilots were allowed to wear neck ties. Organization culture of EasyJet was described as brutally transparent, allowing employees in all paperless offices to share all types of information except payroll, by scanning all its documents into a computer system accessible to all employees. The company is lean on services having no in-flight catering, charging for snacks and soft drinks and having no cancellations or refunds option. The three keys to EasyJet strategy were Simplification, Frugality and Friendliness with a motto of Easy come, easy go. Some passengers were apprehensive of low-rate airlines compromising safety, EasyJet had to change tactic in advertising by explaining why it was possible to reduce fares without compromising safety. EasyJet stimulated traffic in all the markets it entered by introducing price competition to a market that was previously driven by free offers such as frequent flier miles. This enabled EasyJet to turn a profit of  £2 million in the year 1997. In 2000 fiscal year, EasyJet declared a profit of $33 million and floated a quarter of the companys stock on the London Stock Exchange with shares offered exclusively to institutional investors, raising  £190 million which was used to purchase 32 new Boeing 737 airplanes. After it merged with Go Fly in August 2002, it became one of Europes biggest and leading low cost airlines. (Business Essays, n.d) Since its establishment in mid 1990s, EasyJet has enjoyed a rapid expansion growing through a combination of mergers, acquisitions and base openings brought about by demand of low-cost air travel by consumers. It now boasts a fleet of over 180 aircrafts with 20 bases across Europe and is ranked as the second largest low-cost carrier in Europe having carried 45.2 million passengers in 2009. (Wikipedia, n.d). EasyJet has had its fare share of legal battles, the most popular one being with British Airways. It has also faced criticism in Germany for not observing the European Union law on compensation and on environmental issues due to its advertisement that EasyJet aircrafts made 22% less emission compared to its competitors. Services offered by EasyJet include real time on-line booking, telephone booking for 3 months before flight bookings, in-flight magazines containing destination guides, holiday and accommodation products, car rentals, airport parking, travel insurance and on-board sales of fragrances, cosmetics etc. Situation Analysis A business does not operate in isolation. Business reactions and decisions depend on what happens on its environment. The factors happening outside an organization are known as external factors or influences. The external factors affect main internal operations and the objectives and strategies of the organization. It is therefore important to identify factors that might in turn affect a number of vital variables that are likely to influence the organizations supply and demand levels and operation costs (Kotter Schlesinger, 1991; Johnson Scholes, 1993). The strategy of EasyJet is to offer low cost, no-frills air transportation. This strategy has enabled EasyJet to prosper. It is however, important to continually strive to satisfy customer needs and stay in a competitive position by evaluating market trends and situation. This calls up the need to do situational analysis which involves the studying of important business elements such as competitors, customers, costs, climate (external environment), collaborators and the company itself. Conducting a situational analysis for a company provides the knowledge and context for planning by describing the companys competitive position, financial and operating conditions and the general state of the companys internal and external affairs. To accomplish this methods such as SWOT and PEST are used. PEST Analysis PEST stands for Political, Economical, Social and Technological. PEST analysis is a framework used to categorize environmental issues that influences an organization Politically, Economically, Socially and Technologically. (n.d) quoting Kotler (1998) and Porter (1985) states that: Kotler (1998) claims that PEST analysis is a useful strategic tool for understanding market growth or decline, business position, potential and direction for operations. The headings of PEST are a framework of reviewing a situation, and can in addition to SWOT and Porters Five Forces models, be applied by companies to review a strategic directions, including marketing proposition. The use of PEST analysis can be seen effective for business and strategic planning, market planning, business and product development and research reports. PEST also ensures that companys performance is aligned positively with the powerful forces of change that are affecting business environment (Porter, 1985). PEST is useful when a company decides to enter its business operations into new markets and new countries. The use of PEST, in this case, helps to break free of unconscious assumptions, and help to effectively adapt to the realities of the new environment. (, n.d) PEST analysis is therefore useful tool for understanding and determining the market growth or decline of an organization, the position as well as the potential and direction of a business. PEST analysis for EasyJet shows the following: Political The change of government or policy may influence the company profile as new regulations are introduced. EasyJet has been involved in various legal disputes a good example is when Germany criticized EasyJet for not observing the European Union law on compensation. Political changes in the countries where EasyJet has routes. EasyJet operates in different countries across Europe; changes in these countries may affect its operations. Local government councils object to noise and prohibit building of new runways. Governments wanting to promote tourism in their countries may welcome and act in the favor of EasyJet. Different taxes that are charged in different countries for fuel, landing, airport tax etc. Changes in employment laws, trade restrictions and tariffs has impacts on EasyJet business operations for example in April 2000, EasyJet had to launch a campaign to stop Barclays from increasing landing fees by 300%. Economic Economic recession where some countries economy might grow and some might collapse. Uncertainty due to the cost fluctuation of energy and fuel. Business involves having loans; change of interest rates and foreign exchange rates may affect EasyJet long term loans. There has been unrest in consumers attitude due to the September 11th attacks which caused a significant decrease in the confidence of airline travelers. Social Flying with EasyJet may attract companies with employees doing frequent business trip since EasyJet do not offer in-flight luxuries thus less cost to companies. Stability in economy and expansion of tourism means many people want to fly away for holidays. Low cost, no frills attracts wider demographic of consumers including people who would have otherwise not think of travelling by air. Outbreak of contagious diseases such as the bird flu, SARS may cause decrease of travelers. Safety measure applied while on air and on the ground conveys a positive image of the company thus many people feel safe to travel with EasyJet planes. The friendliness and efficiency of EasyJet employees make customers to always want to travel by EasyJet. The growth of population means more travelers and people in a certain life stage have more disposable income to spend. EasyJet runs an environmental friendly business; depending entirely on the internet running paperless operations which means less waste. This gives it a positive outlook from a world that is so environmental conscious. Technological The rate at which technology changes has favored EasyJet by making it possible to conduct paperless operations therefore reducing operation costs. IT technology is available in competitive price thus enabling EasyJet to design a system that can be remotely accessed by all its employees. The growth in technology also ensures the availability of spares and maintenance services to its fleet of airplanes. Technology has become cheaper; it is cost effective in the running of the company but at the same time the entries to barrier are lower for competitors to join in. SWOT Analysis SWOT is an important part of strategic planning that involves a scan of internal and external organization environment. SWOT analysis provides helpful information for fitting organizations capabilities and resources to the competitive environment it operates in. SWOT analysis is used to determine the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of an organization. Strengths EasyJet is under the strong and charismatic leadership of Stellios who possesses great entrepreneurial vision, is adaptable to change and is able to identify business opportunities EasyJet is original and has very effective promotional strategies. EasyJet is serving many of the leading city destinations across Europe and is leading as provider of low budget and no added costs air travel. It is a well known, respected and recognized as the leading brand name in travel industry in UK. Has a low running cost due to the use of internet giving its customers the benefit of paying for local calls. EasyJet is easily recognizable and distinguishable from their competitors due to the high distinctive corporate colors on all of its aircraft. EasyJet has diversified into other market such as car rental and internet cafes making life easy for their customers by being served by same company when requiring these services. Has an excellent customer service for example EasyJet offers refunds for flights that have been delayed for 4 hours or more. It operates an efficient and fast service with an average turnaround time of 30 minutes or below thus is able to maintain a hassle free and reliable service to its passengers. It has a very user friendly website showing fully the price breakdown structure for passenger planned trips. Divulging the full breakdown price plan prevents any hidden charges to customers when confirming their booking. It has a sophisticated system that offers online promotion alerts by e-mail to existing customers. Weaknesses EasyJet relies so much on computers for booking and information storage which could be risky. EasyJet flies exclusively within Europe. EasyJet does not offer free in-flight food services. The extreme competitiveness of the domestic air travel industry can restrict and shape pricing policies on some of EasyJets less profitable routes. EasyJet has to charge low rates even on these routes to compete with their competitors which are Jet, BMI Baby, Ryan Air and other smaller independent companies. Opportunities Possible opening of other routes to major cities in Europe such as from Dublin to UK and new links into business flyers to and from UK. Restructured versions of the fly on the wall documentaries would provide the EasyJet brand with more coverage and publicity. Offering free in-flight refreshments would be a bonus and would increase comfort to EasyJet customers. Threats Threat of substitution where travelers travelling as a group might choose other means to save on travelling expenses. Other airlines flying the same routes compete fiercely on price forcing pressure on margin on popular flights and time slots. External market forces such as the rise of price of oil can have major impact on running costs posing significant pressure on the profit of less popular routes and time slots. Day to day operations of EasyJet can be significantly affected by pressure from unions and employee relations committees, strikes have proved to be costly to the company and its image. Economic recession may decrease the number of casual and business travelers. E-Marketing Strategy To fully understand what e-marketing involves, it is worthwhile to revisit the original definition of marketing before it was prefixed by e., (n.d) quotes definition of marketing as follows: Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably (, n.d) The definition accentuates the focus of marketing on the customer, while implying the need to link other business operations to achieve the required profitability. E-marketing is therefore defined as achieving marketing objectives through the use of electronic communication technology which includes internet, eBooks, e-mail, databases, wireless mobile phones and digital television.(, n.d). The internet, as noted by Smith and Chaffey (2001) can be used to support the aims mentioned in the definition i.e. identifying, anticipating and satisfying as follows: Identifying use the internet for market research to find out customer needs. Anticipating the internet provides an additional channel for customers to access information and makes purchases. Understanding this demand is basis to governing resource distribution to e-marketing. Satisfying an important success factor in e-marketing is accomplishing customer satisfaction through electronic channel by making sure that the site performs adequately and is easy to use. Planning is essential in order to succeed in e-marketing. A successful e-marketing plan relies on traditional disciplines and planning techniques that is adapted for the digital media environment and mixed with digital marketing communication techniques. SOSTAC is a generic framework used for e-marketing planning. SOSTAC stands for: S Situational analysis (where are we now) O Objectives (where do we want to go) S Strategy (how do we get there) T Tactics (the details of strategy) A Action (or implementation) C Control (evaluation, measurement) The Situational analysis above has identified the current position of EasyJet using SWOT and PEST methods. The analysis shows EasyJet holds a strong position and has gained a competitive advantage due to the use of technology internet in particular in conducting its business operations. The objective of EasyJet is to increase online revenue, minimize cost and retain their customers. EasyJet has accomplished this by creation of brand awareness, adoption of an efficiency-driven operating model and maintenance of a high level customer satisfaction. Strategy is the process of developing options to achieve a desired outcome. E-marketing strategy therefore consists of steps taken and procedure followed for marketing a brand through the website. (, n.d). The important aspect in any e-marketing strategy is the company website which needs to be properly formatted and designed, so as to give a good impression and attract users and thus increase sales. EasyJet uses internet to meet its objectives. EasyJet has a comprehensive website with good usability and structure that presents EasyJet services without the use of redundant graphics and advertisement which usually distracts website visitors. EasyJet went online because of the need to reduce cost. EasyJet aimed at making flying affordable and urged travelers to deal direct and cut out travel agents. An overview of EasyJet lists the following strategies: Reduction and distribution of costs by online booking. No tickets during travel, just an e-mail with the booking reference is adequate to board the plane. This reduces tasks and costs associated with issuing, distributing, processing and reconciling tickets. Paperless operations making the internet useful in other aspects of the business such as administration and management. EasyJet URL is printed alongside all its planes. The company aimed to scale down its call centers operations by selling most of the tickets online. By putting the company URL everywhere, it increased the use of the website and this helped EasyJet get more customers thus making EasyJet flights prices cheaper. EasyJet also uses the website as an aggressive tool. A good example is the competition to predict BA losses on Go enticing visitors with prizes. EasyJet also had earlier on used a TV series to promote itself in every household in the UK. The value proposition and differential advantage of this strategy can be seen on the benefits offered to customers as well as cost cutting experience by EasyJet. EasyJet operates cheaply making it possible to give its customers reliable, convenient and great value for money service. The EasyJet market mix (i.e. the 4ps: product, price, placement and promotion) can easily be evaluated at the structure of its website. EasyJet has identified its website audience as those on-line visitors living in Europe requiring cheap, comfortable and comprehensive real time travel without needing to go through travel agents. For this, EasyJet offers low cost, no frills flights and other services such as car rentals and accommodation (product) at reduced online price with no hidden-added cost (transparency) showing fully the price breakdown structure (price), that can be purchased direct (disintermediation) online without the need to go through third party travel agents (placement), letting travelers know where to buy ticket by advertising on TV, newspapers, EasyJet planes and through e-mails (promotion). The website has all the required information readily available in all dominant languages of the continent and is sectioned under different tabs of accommodation, travel insurance, car rentals, flight bookings and airport related transport to enable users to go directly to the service they require. Moderate use of text eradicates wastage of time yet communicates accurate message to website visitors to guide them through various links based on logical visitors usage. It also has enough information on each page to support the need of visitors without abstract marketing banners to distract real buyers. EasyJet website gives attention on usability and reliability of information rather than visibility and colorful display alone; it however does not lack color. Orange color has consistently been used throughout the website helping clients to easily associate the website with the airline. EasyJet maintains a website that can be considered an ideal re-intermediation where service provider is in direct contact with the consumers via an electronic medium (Internet). This reduces cost to both consumer and service provider and creates business value. (, n.d) Implementation The implementation of EasyJet e-marketing strategy has been achieved on the companys website. The EasyJet website has been designed to offer high usability to visitor and is simpler to use compared to some of its competitors. It is simply designed, with an intuitive navigation allowing users to move from page to page without the need to go via home page. It has high functionality and is without excess baggage. It was created with the intention not to tire the visitor with redundant graphics and advertisements which would distract its visitors and make them walk away from the website. It employs moderate use of text eliminating time wastage while conveying accurate message to guide users through various links. Each page on the website consist enough required information without abstract marketing banners to sidetrack real buyers. For example if a user wants to book a flight, he would enter the date of travel, destination and check flight availability then move on to make booking or p urchase. How the managements creates new core and extended value for customers The purpose of setting up an on-line business is to ensure growth, efficiency, competitive advantage and leverage over competitors.(, n.d). Using the internet, EasyJet has been able to reduce running cost and to cut down its supply chain by removing intermediaries and dealing direct with customers enabling it to sell almost 90% of its flight over the internet. EasyJet website targets business and leisure travelers who are keen on saving time and money and do not want to deal with third party intermediaries, providing them with easy access to booking, flight scheduling, transportation and accommodation. Facilities such as choice of airport lounges or parking are important in completing the process of travel booking, and having this on the website EasyJet extends value for customer. They also analyze consumer e-mail queries and use these to formulate services according to customer needs. Operating in this way reduces cost and helps the company, by use of technology mediation, to sell its product and services and create business value. There are exclusive promotions for on line booking customers and all customers who book online receive discount for each leg of the journey example EasyJet was able to reduce  £1 for people who booked online. Online customers also get the benefit of paying the price of local call. EasyJet make it a point to put all cheap flights online and customers can search flights by fair and view flights that are available over two weeks. Customers can make flight transfers, change names, reschedule flight bookings, and request duplicate confirmation by e-mail and check in on-line. There is also an option of speed boarding which enables the passenger to board the flight before other passengers. They also have flight promotions which intend to avoid customers who would fly with EasyJet. These promotions are advertised few minutes before the flight time aiming to get rid of empty seats. Balancing online and offline promotion methods The management balances online and offline promotion by using newspapers to advertise about new online promotions and offers by calling or e-mailing journalists and referring them to the website. EasyJet does this by putting internet-only promotions in newspaper encouraging travelers to purchase their ticket online. The guess BA Go Losses and the section entitled Battle with Swissair were advertised on newspaper to lure more people to the website. Impact of the implementation of the strategy on business performance The implementation of the strategy has an impact on the business performance because the site is well integrated into EasyJets existing systems and business process. A good example is the ability to feed press release into the site through electronic and new destination appearing automatically once fed into the companys information system. Also the effectiveness of the website was proved when the dedicated phone number on the site hit six months target within six weeks. The log file recorded 8 minutes average time spent on the website per person and almost each caller made a purchase. The website proved that EasyJet phone operators were busy selling tickets rather than answering questions over the phone. Legal and Ethical issues The use of Internet in e-commerce has brought up invasive legal and ethical issues. This is partly due to its underlying features and the way it has been exploited by businesses disrupting existing social and business relationships and understanding. EasyJet like many other businesses has benefited from commercial development of the internet but this commercial development demand a price from individuals. EasyJet gathers and processes customer information and uses this information for marketing by sending e-mails. This is regarded as intrusion of solitude because once a customer registers in the EasyJet website, then they will be receiving constant emails which can be really annoying. This has resulted to consumer use of spam guard (junk mail filters) to stop receiving unsolicited emails. Sherrington (2009, p 19) emphasizes that the status of a business is not respected; it is earned (Sherrington, 2009, p 19). It is not good for a business to burst into peoples inboxes or profiles on social networks such as Facebook, advertising their brands just because it has spotted a potential customer. Consumers regard this as abuse and violation of their privacy and some can punish the business by never purchasing their product or service. It is important in e-marketing to demonstrate integrity, honesty, respect and a willingness to share and apply the golden rule of treating consumers as you would like to be treated. This can be accomplished by letting consumers know before their information is gathered, give consumer the opportunity to agree or deny secondary usage of their information, give consumer access and the right to review personal data, store accurate consumer information and have in place a clear means by which consumer can address the situation if any of their right is violated. The use of cookies, spyware and other techniques enables tracking of consumers online behaviors, recording searches and sites visited by individuals. This helps business such as EasyJet in profiling customers and targeting them for specific marketing campaigns. The law and consumers regards this as intrusion of privacy (like stalking in the physical world). As a result there are a number of privacy advocacy groups on the web that monitor developments in privacy.(Laudon Traver, 2008, pg 500). The use of internet excludes a certain group of people who do not make use of internet. A good example is older people who do not seem to grasp the use of computers. EasyJet are likely not to have customers from this group of people. The use of internet sometimes violates copyright laws where intellectual properties such as trademarks of others are used without consent. EasyJet went through a legal battle with British airways for using a slogan that resembles that of BA. EasyJet called itself The webs favorite airline mimicking the BA slogan The worlds favorite airline. Conclusion This report mirrors EasyJet strategy for its online business model. In wide-ranging EasyJet strategy works well for the company. EasyJet is aware of its business environment and realize the importance of monitoring it. Through the use of internet, EasyJet succeeded to be among the top low cost, no frills airline companies in the UK. The design, structure, usability and usefulness of its website have enabled EasyJet to secure leverage over its competitors. The most important fact is that EasyJet has incorporated flexibility in its e-marketing strategy enabling it to anticipate changes and further develop its strategies to counter-act according

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The Raven The Raven written by Edgar Allan Poe is a very famous poertry. "The most obvious symbol is the Raven its self. Poe uses the non-reasoning raven because he wants to make us wondering why he had chosen the raven from all the other birds., and frustrate us by wondering why the raven is repeating the word nevermore. He is surprised to hear the bird speak and he thinks that no living human has ever had a bird just sit there and talk to him, and with such a name as Nevermore. This might be the point where he realises that he is dying. It is also important that the answers to the questions are already known, but in a way it helps to illustrate the self-torture the narrator exposes himself to. Another symbol is the Pallas. . It seemed that the bird had a purpose for being there. In the whole room the raven decides toperch on the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, because in a way or another he is trying to make us believe that the raven speaks from wisdom? Or was Poe just using a word only some could interpret? "And the Raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door; And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon's that is dreaming, And the lamp-light o'er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor; And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor Shall be lifted NEVERMORE." Through this quotation the bird has disobeyed him and is just sitting above the door staring at him. His soul is caught under the bird shadow as he passes away and it is lifted up to heaven and his fair Lenore. Poe uses midnight and December for the time the story takes place because both represent an end to something, and alsothe anticipation of something new. A new year comes after midnight, also a new day; and December represents the end of a year. Finally when I picture the room the narrator is positioned in and remembering the past, remembering how weak and weary he felt. He remembers himself he was like a lonely and sorrowful, and the richly furnished room reminds him of his lost love,

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Lord of the flies essay -- essays research papers

Lord of the Flies Project   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã¢â‚¬Å"Breakdowns in society result when people avoid their responsibilities to the community to pursue their own ends.† This seems entirely true. For example, in â€Å"Lord of the Flies† most of the kids decide going around hunting and not worrying about anything else is what is important, and eventually turn into savages. This could also be true if the people of a farming community started becoming lazy and stopped caring for their crops and animals. Or, in the military, if the all the leaders just stopped giving orders. Anyway you want to put it, if people don’t do what’s required of them, the world around them crumbles.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In William Golding’s â€Å"Lord of the Flies† a group of boys get stranded on a desert island after their plane was shot down. Two of the boys, Ralph and Piggy know that to survive they must built shelters, collect food, and try to find a way to signal any planes or ships that might pass by. Unfortunately, the choir (hunters) and their leader, Jack, feel that they must be hunting more than anything. Because Jack gathered all the hunters at once for their first successful hunt, their signal fire goes out. As tensions rise high, Ralph and Piggy soon find themselves outnumbered by the hunters, and their followers, who joined due to promises of freedom, to play whenever they want. Because the hunters neglect their responsibilities of making shelter and whatnot, their â€Å"society† crumbles. Th...

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William Wordsworth and Robert Frost - Views on nature. Essay -- Englis

William Wordsworth and Robert Frost - Views on nature. To many people Nature is something of little thought, but when we take time to "stand back" and acknowledge it we can actually see its beauty. Until now a meadow or a tree in a forest to me, was little more than something of everyday life. Now having come to realise the power and force it has upon mans emotions and actions, I realised the thoughts of other people when studying the work of William Wordsworth and Robert Frost. Both poets see Nature in different ways although there are some aspects of the subject which are clearly the same. This view is such a vast subject which is an always changing thing. From the changing seasons to the day- to- day weather Nature never ceases to amaze. For both poets Nature brings the same thing, yet in very different ways. For Robert Frost, the simple scene of a wood (forest) filling slowly up with snow. As for Wordsworth the scene is very much a more vibrant picture as he describes the daffodils in their 'sprightly dance'. To you or me, to see these things is just something that happens and we don't notice it. In today's society such events are not even acknowledged, and there fore people don't normally take the time to experience the occasion. We realise that both Wordsworth and Frost where alone as Wordsworth states 'I wandered lonely' and Frost states-: 'Whose woods these are I think I know. His house is in the village though;' Both quotes indicate a sense of loneliness and isolation. Frost looks very deep into Nature as does Wordsworth. Frost sees an escape from life, and Wordsworth sees an escape from feeling down and 'pensive'. For Wordsworth his encounter with Nature gives him a constant thought ... ...nd company' we see a sense of communion here. The use of onomatopoeia makes both poems more homely. 'Fluttering' the delicate movement of the flower. 'Gazed' long sound to emphasise his movement. 'Glance' a swift sound to indicate a quick look. 'Sprightly' energetic and lively sounding. 'Bliss' relaxing sounding. In 'stopping by woods' Frost uses the word 'sweep' to give the soft feeling of how the snow drifts through the trees. 'Downy' indicates again how the flakes slowly drifted down. The word 'down' could refer to the movement of duck down as it falls to the ground. The phrase 'sounds the sweep' make me think of how the wind whispered through the trees carrying the snow. 'sounds the sweep' is also a perfect example of assonance and soft alliteration. There are a few more points I would like to add to this essay after the first draft has been marked.

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Value Alignment

Starbuck's Value Alignment BUS 475 Starbuck's Value Alignment Aligning organizational values with the organization’s actual plans and actions provides a formula for success. Decisions made through the planning process are more effective if the values of the organization are a part of the process. The values of Starbucks are the core of daily operations of the organization. Oftentimes, organizational values are aligned with the personal values of the customers, defining the social responsibility of the organization.Team C analyzes personal and workplace values, explaining how these values correlate to the actions and behaviors of the Starbucks organization. Analyzed Origins and Evolution of Personal and Workplace Values A company’s core values are the foundation for success of their business. The business does require a good product, placement, people, and promotion, but at the heart of the company are the values and principles it believes in. Starbucks formulated its Mi ssion Statement and Guiding Principles in 1990 and are the roots of its culture and serve as the guide for its partners.At the core is the philosophy of being truly committed to holding each other accountable for their actions. This is supported by a communication system that is designed to give everyone a voice. This provides ownership at all levels and a responsibility for all employees to be a part of the success. The six Guiding Principles outline the values that Starbucks works toward achieving. First, provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity. The second principle is to embrace diversity. Third, apply the highest standards in purchasing, roasting, and fresh delivery of coffee every day.The fourth principle is to develop enthusiastically satisfied customers. As a fifth principle, Starbucks contributes positively to the communities and the environment. Last, recognize that profitability is essential to success. These values are the governing elements of the workplace at Starbucks. Individual Values One’s individual values will have an influence on his or her actions and behaviors. Some values will determine why someone acts the way he or she does and how he or she would respond. For example, if a person is very determined, he or she may become a workaholic. If a person believes in integrity, he or she will probably be honest.A company tries to find individuals who share the same commonalities. Starbucks has an ethical standpoint of trying to please the customers by providing excellent products and service. Starbucks hires friendly and hardworking employees to represent the business. Values, Actions, and Behaviors Values, actions, and behaviors all have a shared alignment. The values are what drive employees to make sound decisions that will positively affect their actions and behaviors. If an employee did not share the same values, his or her actions and behaviors may represent how the company and employee share opposing values.For example, if an employee did not care about customer satisfaction, he or she would act irresponsible and aloof. This would make management unsatisfied because they do not share the same values. An employee who shared the same values would try to work hard and would treat customers nicely. An employee’s values can easily be interpreted by how he or she acts and responds to people. Stated Values versus Actual Actions Starbucks mission is â€Å"to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time† (Starbucks, p1).With more than 17,900 stores and thousands of employees, not to mention a high customer loyalty and approval Starbucks is achieving just that every day. Not only is the quality of the product important but also the conditions in which the coffee is grown, it is needs to be environmentally sound as well as good working conditions for the laborers who grow it. In the years 2007 through 2010, they wer e recognized as one of the â€Å"World’s Most Ethical Companies,† in the years 2009-2010 they were named the â€Å"Most Ethical Company, European Coffee Industry,† and in 2010 one of the â€Å"Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World† (Starbucks).These awards prove that there is a direct alignment with their stated and actual values. What Starbucks values, and has been proven, is its commitment to the employees of which they call partners. By showing the commitment of a good work environment Starbucks is rewarded with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. All employees, both full and part-time alike can obtain health insurance, a benefit that is almost unheard of from a part-time standpoint.The following awards have be given to Starbucks proving the actions of their stated values, one of â€Å"The 100 Best Companies to Work For† FORTUNE – 1998–2000, 2002–2010, one of the â€Å"Most Admired Companies in America† FORTUNE – 2003–2010, One of the â€Å"Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality† The Human Rights Campaign – 2009-2010 (Starbucks). Our Values and Organization Values Starbuck’s Coffee Company admits, every once in a while, every organization makes a bad judgment. However, what separates Starbucks from other organizations is their value-driven willingness openly to evaluate their actions.For example: Starbuck’s President Orin Smith States, ‘The first hour after September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, a Starbuck’s employee in New York sold a bottle water to paramedic. Starbuck’s meant to donate the water the employees made a mistake. When Starbuck’s president learned of the error he immediately called the paramedic and the public relation team to issue a news release apologizing and reimbursing the paramedics. He ensured that Starbuck’s employees were donating water, coffee, and other pro ducts to rescue workers and to the injured. As Team C analyzes the degree of alignment between personal values and the organization values as reflected by the organization plan and actions, Starbuck’s values are parallel to personal values. The team agrees with Starbuck’s eagerness to admit their mistake and captivating actions to correct them. This confirms that Starbucks is value-driven and stands behind their mission and values statement. Team C found no dissimilarity in personal values and Starbuck’s values because employees and customers agree with Starbuck’s providing a great work atmosphere and treating each other with dignity and respect. ConclusionThe guiding principles of Starbucks, as revealed above, outline the values of the organization. Aligning the personal values of potential employees with those of the organization, allows Starbucks to hire quality candidates that enhance the business. Starbucks calls these employees partners and continue s to grow as an organization receiving rewards as being one of the best companies to work for. References Starbucks Coffee Company, (2011). Assets. Retrieved from http://assets. starbucks. com/assets Starbucks Coffee Company, (2011). Company Information. Retrieved from http://www. starbucks. com/about-us/company-information Value Alignment Values are important to life. Every day the working class faces two sets of values. He or She has their individual values and the values of the organization he or she works for. This paper will analyze the origin and subsequent evolution of both workplace values and personal values. The paper will explain how individual values drive the actions and behaviors of people, and analyze the alignment between personal values and actions and behaviors. Then it will analyze how personal values align with those of another organization, and why it is important that personal and business values align.Origin and Subsequent Evolution of Values One’s values are personal beliefs that guide one’s behaviors and decisions. Values are held deep with one’s subconscious and are integrated into his or her everyday life. Every day people make decisions and these decisions even if they are choices are impacted by his or her own values. One gains his or her personal values based on his or her life experiences. Personal values began to develop during child hood and as one grow older and experiences life he or she may drop some of these values and add others (Lopper, 2007).Workplace values are much like personal values. As the business grows the companies values will change, and some will be dropped, and others will be picked up. In the beginning, depending on the size of the company the values of the company are based on the owner’s personal values. Workplace values set the guidelines for how the company is to make every day business decisions. Workplace values should promote extraordinary customer service by motivated, happy, and productive employees (Heathfield, 2011).My personal values are family, honesty, integrity, success, dedication, and treat others as you want to be treated. Many of these like treat others as you want to be treated are values that I learned as a child and others like family have become more defined as I go through life. My favorite pr evious employer Holland America Tours values are focus, service excellence, integrity, honesty, team, change, optimism, and perspective. Individual Values Drive Actions and Behaviors Two people can have the same set of values but take different actions and have different behaviors.This happens because of the way that the two people define the values that drive him or her. An example of this would be success. One person can define success as a roof over his or her head, and food on the table. Whereas, another person would define success as a bunch of money in the bank (Khoo, 2008). Reflecting on how I got to where I am today my values have not changed much; however my definition of my values has changed. I do believe that my actions and the decision I have made in life reflect my values.Holland Americas values have helped them in reaching their mission of excellence and through excellence they can create once in a lifetime experiences every time. Alignment between Organizational Valu es and Personal Values When starting or applying to work with a company it is important to do one’s research and find what the company’s values are and how well they align with his or her personal values. Working for a company that has totally different values than one’s own values can create an unpleasant work environment (Khoo, 2008).Holland America Tours values and my personal values is not a perfect match but yet it was one of my favorite places to work. This is because my personal values did align with the majority of Holland America Tours values. I did not always agree with the decision that the company made I did however follow those decisions in every possible ways. None of them went completely against my own personal values. Values wether they are personal or the workplace are important to everyone’s every day life.Our personal values we use to make daily decisions and our work values we use to make decisions at work. Both personal and workplace values are created in the early stages of life and then change as the person or as the company grows. Values are what drive our actions and our behaviors. They are the reason we act the way we do. Because values mean so much to us in our daily lives one has to find an employer that has values that align with his or her personal values. Doing so will allow one to make decisions at work easier and without feeling as if he or she is making the wrong decision.ReferencesHeathfield, S. M. (2011). How to Make Values Live in Your Organization. Retrieved from http://humanresources. about. com/od/orgdevelopment/a/valueslive. htm Khoo, A. (2008, June 5). How your Personal Values Drive Your Decisons In Life. Retrieved from http://www. articlesbase. com/self-improvement-articles/how-your-personal-values-drive-your-decisons-in-life-439134. html Lopper, J. (2007, October 23). Development of Personal Values. Retrieved from http://www. suite101. com/content/development-of-personal-values-a33585