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Race and Racism - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1160 Downloads: 6 Date added: 2019/02/05 Category Society Essay Level High school Tags: Racism Essay Did you like this example? Many people say that race is not a â€Å"thing† and that they see â€Å"no color.† Personally, that just makes you ignorant. How could you say you see no color, when every day black people are being convicted of crimes that they did not do and being treated poorly simply because of the color of their skin? If there was no color, then we would all be equal. This country has been built by hundreds and millions of enslaved African-Americans and has become one of the most prosperous economies in the world. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Race and Racism" essay for you Create order We often, do not get the recognition we deserve. White people often forget the 153 years of slavery, the police brutality, mass incarceration, the white privilege. We are not in a post-racial society. What is racism? Racism is a term used to describe a social systematic structure where one race has power over another. Black people do not have the same power and advantages as white people, therefore there is no way they can be racist. Things such as having BET or black history month is literally the bare minimum. Black people deserve far more, but when they get one thing, white people feel obligated to make a comment about it or feel in competition with them. Some people say that racism is not systematic, but how could it not be? It is a system of white supremacy. Nelson Mandela once said, â€Å"No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate.† This quote alone proves that racism is instilled in one’s mind at an early age. The environment you are brought up in and the people you are around influence the way you think and live your life. Isn’t it crazy that the same people that are meant to serve and protect you are the same ones that you fear even calling? Police officers have been causing controversy for quite some time now. The boys in blue have continuously used and abused their powers and privileges. Being in the same vicinity as a police officer gives me anxiety, not even because I am guilty of anything, but because of what I know they are capable of. There have been too many young and innocent black boys and girls that lost their lives to the police for absolutely nothing. Being black in America is probably one of the most difficult things. It is a blessing don’t get me wrong, but the backlash and hate black people get is unbelievable. White people do not what it is like because they do not experience racism because there is no such thing as reverse racism. This system was built to benefit them. This system was designed in favor of white people. This is system was built for the white people to flourish. White people cannot claim to have experienced racism because of a harsh remark that is not effecting anything except their feelings. White people are racist towards black people yet they steal all their culture. They steal their music, looks and give no credit to them. If a black person said, â€Å"I don’t like white people† they have evidence and logical reasoning as to why they feel such a way. However, if you asked a white person why they don’t like black people, they can’t even think of a valid reason. They don’t like them simply because of the color of their skin. No logical reasoning, just pure hate. If a black person has a problem with a white person, 9/10 times it is not because of race. But if a white person has a problem with a black person, 10/10 times it is because of their race. Numerous individuals have contended that since the decision of Barack Obama, racism has vanished and is a significantly more comprehensive partially blind society. Although, that would be ideal, putting Obama in the oval office did not do as much as we wouldve planned to change individuals viewpoints and Obamas race did little to address the proceeding with heritages of subjection and isolation that still torment America. Cops are killing black individuals consistently. The Pew Research Center, the authors â€Å"King’s Dream Remains an Elusive Goal; Many Americans See Racial Disparities.† of stated, â€Å"Today, white adults 25 and older are significantly more likely than blacks to have completed at least a bachelor’s degree (34% vs. 21%, a percentage point difference).† From this statement, you can obviously observe the system America is keep running on is separating black individuals. Black people must do 10x more as white people and even then, they are barely in the same calibers. People in high powers of position such as policymakers should be the initial ones to endeavor to roll out an improvement since people admire them. Since they are not, it is hard to attempt and expect improvement when the policymakers of our nation have been stationary for a long period of time. The absence of equity in our courts makes it harder for individuals to need to speak up. People face serve consequences for simply speaking their minds. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. said that â€Å"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.† To shed light on the dishonorable acts against African American individuals, awareness groups such as the Black Lives Matter movement prospered. Our nation does a fantastic job of putting all the wrongdoings under a rug and pretend that this nation is the land of the free and the home of the brave. This nation needs to acknowledge that our country is not immaculate, so we cannot hide our shameful acts with a flawless country faà §ade. Race and racism is very prevalent and relevant. Many people cannot even fathom some of the horrific realities black people face. They can’t even relate to the struggles. The least one can do is to make yourself knowledgeable and aware of what is going on in this society. To be oblivious, is to be contributing into this mess. If you are not doing anything to try and support causes such as the Black Lives Matter movement, you are only adding to the problem. Race is a thing. Racism is a thing. In conclusion, the issues regarding race, racism, and police brutality is much bigger than us. The sad reality is that it will take years for it to end. People often say that it is over but it is only shown in different forms. Nothing will ever change unless people are willing to make that change. We need strong leaders to influence us on going on the right path and striving for equality and justice. We need affect role models to speak out and be able to make positive impacts on the people watching, especially the youth. There is so many different ways that all these situations can be went about, but it is more complex than a simple 1+1 equation.

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Actions and Their Labels of Either Right or Wrong Essay

Actions and Their Labels of Either Right or Wrong In this academic essay there will be an in depth look at the words of Mill, in terms of actions and their labels of either right and wrong, and those connotations to happiness and, so to speak the reverse of happiness. There will be an attempt through various different channels, to illustrate the absurdity of utilitarianism, in the sense of its mere provisional assessment of promoting happiness. Furthermore this essay will also emphasize the fact that happiness is subjective and the ripple effects this would have on the utilitarian theory. Lastly this essay will deal with the complications utilitarianism might have on an individual’s fundamental†¦show more content†¦And it is thus that our own decisions and interests can only be considered in contrast and similar weight to that of other people. In grasping this crude and make shift overview, I would like you to consider the following example which is at first believed to embrace and support utilitarianism, but ultimately shakes its foundations: â€Å"Imagine you are the doctor in charge of two seriously ill patients. One has terminal cancer, and will die shortly. The other has a heart condition that soon will become fatal if a replacement heart is not found quickly. You discover that the heart of the cancer patient would actually make a perfect donor heart for the heart patient. So you can save one of these two lives by killing one patient and giving his heart to the other. Or you can do nothing, with the result that both lives will soon come to an end. What shall you do?† (The Philosophy Gym, Stephen Law, p184) The answer to the utilitarian is very simple. He/she believes that you should kill the already dying cancer patient, as his life is already sealed, in order to save the other patient’s life, and in doing so you will not only save one person from dying, which they argue was inevitable, but you will also maximise happiness, in a poor situation asShow MoreRelatedThe Sex Of Sex : A Hot Topic Of Debate Since The Beginning Of Time967 Words   |  4 PagesSex has been a hot topic of debate since the beginning of time. Many believe it is a wrong and in most religions they believe it is sinful to have premarital sex. Many times people use other people as means for pleasure. Kant says that this is wrong to do. I believe that you can use people for sexual pleasure and not be required to love or care for them. Kant consists that it is immoral to love someone if it is only sexual love. Kant says that you cannot simply view a person as an sexual objectRead MoreMedication Errors1615 Words   |  7 Pagesadministration, the topic discussed is the causes of medication errors. The article first defines a medication error and then discusses problems with establishing an accurate count of medication errors â€Å"the issue of under reporting ... is due to either a lack of appreciation that an error has occurred; the error is not considered serious enough to report; or ... there is a reluctance to report† (Armitage, G., Knapman, H. 2003). Many of the situations environments, and conditions that facilitateRead MoreWoman at Point Zero1097 Words   |  5 Pagesthat her status in society should never surpass or equal a man, and that she was there to help the man live more effectively. The way in which she lost the ability to take pleasure from sexual activity shows her intended purpose. It would have been wrong for her to feel the pleasure she was giving a man. But her uncle allowed her to see otherwise: Firdaus came into possession of an education, and saw the immorality of the ways that women were treated. Her life had taught her that whether in marriageRead MoreWoman At Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi Essay1087 Words   |  5 Pagesthat her status in society should never surpass or equal a man, and that she was there to help the man live more effectively. The way in which she lost the ability to take pleasure from sexual activity shows her intended purpose. It would have been wrong for her to feel the pleasure she was giving a man. But her uncle allowed her to see otherwise: Firdaus came into possession of an education, and saw the immorality of the ways that women were treated. Read MoreThe Theory Of Free Will950 Words   |  4 Pagescomponents including hard determinism, conventional wisdom order desires, and violations. As a component of free will, hard determinism plays an effective role in the concept. It consists of man’s capacity to label and practice acts of choice. These acts, as Skinner (1972) notes, are normally either free or unfree considering the conditions that provoke them. However, the baseline in withholding or granting the acknowledgments of moral responsibility depends on society’s viewpoint. Hard determinism, thereforeRead MoreLabeling: Disability and Special Education1457 Words   |  6 PagesJournal Entry I What are Exceptional children and what place do they have in our schools? Exceptional children are children who are either exceptionally gifted or children with exceptional learning disabilities. These are children whose performances are way above the average child or way below the average child. When they perform way above the average child, they are called gifted. When they perform way below the average, we say they are children with learning disabilities. Like anyRead MoreThe Labeling Theory For Juvenile Delinquency1577 Words   |  7 Pagesjuvenile delinquency. Growing up we all have the possibilities of making mistakes that can either teach us a lesson or cost you your life. In the legal criminal system, we are often faced with minors that are under the age of 18 and have committed or taken certain illegal actions. However, acts committed by minors are called â€Å"delinquent acts† rather than crimes. When a minor commits a crime they can either be charged as an adult or as a juvenile. Some acts committed by the offenders are believedRead MoreThe Moral Judgment On Human Behavior998 Words   |  4 Pagesengaged in the decision-making process, we often rely on our morals. One’s moral judgment on something is a reflection of what they believe is right versus wrong, good versus bad, and just versus unjust in regards to human behavior. Their morals are essentially shaped by their upbringing and their personal experiences. For example, social norms that society labels as acceptable, cultural practices that one is engaged in, along with religious beliefs are all things that can shape ones morals and help createRead MoreDeviance And Its Effects On Society And Influences Behaviors1612 Words   |  7 Pagessuch as a time out when your child misbehaves, a speeding ticket or being sent prison. There are many different types of deviance and in society, deviance, is looked at as simply good or bad. The way it influences the behaviors of people can have either a good or bad effect. Your culture, where you live, and your age will determine how deviance will affect you as an individual or as a group of people. Behaviors such as stealing, drinking and driving and murder are considered to be a bad behaviorRead MoreBusiness Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Essay722 Words   |  3 Pagesof right conduct that shape the decisions people or organizations make. In a market economy, a business put all possible effort in its own best interest in order to make the best profit. In other hand, businesses are involved each other in that process. It’s ethical in business to do the best possible for your own business without harm the interests or profits to other businesses involved. Ethical behavior is what all carrier people should have in all businesses. Differentiates between right and

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Extreme Environments Reports Free Essays

An environment is what an average person and animal can live in, like dogs, cats, frogs, farm life. These areas are usually covered in air we can breathe in and water that covers most of the land we inhabit, with plants around as well with much more. This helps is as people or plant lives operate with the adaptations we are given to be able to survive in our environments, an environment where the environmental. We will write a custom essay sample on Extreme Environments Reports or any similar topic only for you Order Now An extreme environment are conditions that are outside of a normal range for any humans, plants. These environments are almost impossible for any normal human to be able to live in. The differences in the environments are that average humans, plants and animals won’t be able to function when put into an environment that their adaptations aren’t usually for whereas other animals would usually survive in. The deep sea is said to be known as the much more deeper parts in the ocean, it’s a completely different place with many different forms of life we have never heard of. The deep sea environment occurs in a lot of different parts of the ocean and sea floor, the deep sea covers 71% of the surface of the earth and 90% of it is considered deep sea zone, it also reaches depths of 198m to 11033 m which is the bottom of the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench. These zones are then divided further into deep ocean zones, each zone has is different from each other zone with completely different sea life but most animals below the twilight zone have no light at all which means there are no plants and most of the animals that live down there eyes or are blind. Conditions of the Deep Ocean Zone The deep ocean zone is known for not having any light sources at all, deep sea investigators define the deep ocean zone as an area where photosynthesis can’t function at all. This is because the ocean is so deep the light can’t reach all the way down which means anything below 200m is said to be the deep underwater zone. The oceans characteristics can be shown as biotic factors and abiotic factors. The Hadal Zone also known as the Hadalpelagic Zone named after one of the Greek Kingdoms of the underworld Hades. The Hadal Zone is the layer of the deep sea that is below 6000 meters. This is the lowest part of the ocean on the planet because of how low it is the pressure is enormous, making it the least discovered place in the entire world, people have gone to the moon more than the Mariana Trenches (approx 11,021 meters). Abiotic factors are the factors of the each deep sea zone, these are temperature, light, pressure and oxygen. Abiotic Factors Temperature The deep sea is best known for its extremely cold waters, these temperatures are similar to a zone like the abyssopelagic zone which is above it. The temperature of the Hadal zone is 1.0-2.5 degrees celsius. But the Hadal zone has adiabatic heating which increases below 4000 m. But the temperature is always a few degrees above freezing which means its very cold in this zone so the animals that live here are use to these types of cold. Light There is not light below the midnight zone, it’s so deep the sunlight cannot travel to the bottom of the ocean, because of there being no light in these zones most of the animals have no eyes or are blind. But most of these animals are very reliant on their own lights to be able to see around or bring in their pray with their chemical reaction of bioluminescence which give off lights in the dark. Bioluminescence is a chemical reaction which gives off light scientists believe that 90% of species in the deep ocean are able to give off this light. Most of the animals are either transparent, black or red, but red and black look the same when animals are hiding. Pressure The pressure in the Hadal zones pressure is so intense that its became one of the world’s least investigated places in humanity, because of the pressure in this zone it would be said the be an extreme environment, the pressure in this zone would crush any human those depths, The pressure in this zone is eight tons per square inch. But in this zone for every 100 meters you go the pressure increases by an atmosphere. Animals have adapted to this pressure by having no air spaces Oxygen The Hadal Zone is the deepest part of the ocean so this means in this layer the high pressures creatures can survive with little to no oxygen in these layers, also there is no sunlight that is able to travel down there which means there is no plant life in these zones as in some other zones there are plants that can give off types of oxygen plants like phytoplankton is needed for photosynthesis which is requires sun to be able to give off any oxygen into the water. but as said before the Hadal zone doesn’t have any sunlight so this isn’t possible. Biotic Factors Plants The Hadal zone zone extends from 6000 meters to 11000 meters below the surface making it the deepest zone in the ocean, because of these depths the sunlight cannot travel this low making it impossible for plant life to be able to exist at all this is because photosynthesis is a huge part of plant life and the sun’s rays are what allows photosynthesis be able to happen. So this makes plants not able to live in this zone so hardly anything is able to call this zone home. Animals Due to the ocean zone being so deep in the ocean not many animals have been able to be discovered from the lack of it being explored, there could be a whole much more lot of animals that haven’t been discovered yet but these are some animals that live in this zone like the Sea cucumber, the Rat tail fish who has a good sense of smell to be able to find its food, the liparid fish who’s usually found in shallow levels but scientists have found them all the way down in the hadal zone, decapods that are pretty similar to shrimps but these eat amphipods, these animals also scavenge for food. But there isn’t many animals in this zone due to how deep it is and the immense pressures. Bacteria The bacteria found in this zone is usually located in the Hadal zones hydrothermal vents, a relatively new bacteria has been discovered in this zone called Pyrococcus CH1, this is an archaebacteria that is located around the thermal vents that reach up to 80 to 105 degrees celsius. Because of how deep the Hadal Zone is, it’s rather hard for anything to live down there so no plants live down there not many animals and not much bacteria live down there. The Sea Cucumber The sea cucumber is an animal that lives in the Hadal Zone right on the ocean floor these animals live at depths of 20,000 meters deep. There are many types of sea cucumbers these animals can inhabit the warm waters to the cold deep sea trenches. The Sea cucumber is a invertebrate animal this means the animal doesn’t have a backbone. The animal has a typical life span of 5-10 years of life. The sea cucumber has a lot of adaptations in order to be able to survive in the Hadal Zone, the sea cucumber has structural adaptations with its body, they move their circular muscles to control their movements when moving around the ocean floor, they also have coelomic fluid that moves around their body cavity or coelom, another structural adaptation is that their feathery shapes can help them catch food. These animals breathe through respiratory trees that are organs that makes water be moved around when drawn in by the opening of the sea cucumber. When Sea cucumbers are feeling attacked they will shoot their intestines out at whatever they are feeling threatened by, their body is their very own defense mechanism, they contract their muscles and some internal organs. They will not die doing this as whatever is missing will quickly regenerate whatever is missing. Scientists are researching how their bodies are capable of doing this like the axolotl. Some behavioral adaptations of the sea cucumber is that they will shed their skin organs to hide or confuse predators or who are attacking them leaving them a little snack while they have a chance to escape, sea cucumbers will also put their tentacles inside of themselves to protect themself. The sea cucumber in able to live in this zone as it is an invertebrate animal this means that it has no backbone it also has no bones in general so it is able to live in these enormous amounts of pressure without its bones being crushed these animals have tube feet which allow it to be able to move around the bottom floor of the ocean. This is how to sea cucumber is able to live in the deepest part of the ocean. It’s adaptations work together as it makes poison inside of them to then be released when throwing its intestines at the predator tries to attack this can kill anything that tries to attack them. These defenses only happen when a threat is taking place outside the surface of the sea cucumbers skin. These adaptations all help the animal able to survive down in the Hadal zone but these also help it be able to reproduce, hunt/gather food, and move around. The sea cucumber has the option the either sexually reproduce or asexually reproduce, but sexual reproduction is what is commonly used more, the adaptations help the body in order to release eggs and sperm in to the ocean, this occurs when they meet by shooting that into the water, the eggs and sperm then form together making eggs that will hatch later on. This method of reproduction is very successful rather than asexually reproducing. Gathering and hunting food, the sea cucumber will use its feet all over its body to be able to move around the ocean floor, they will scavenge the floor for small food items, waste particles are what makes up most of their diet, they ingest their food through their mouth which are on their feet. The sea cucumber has tiny tube like legs all over its body to be able to move around the ocean floor, the sea cucumber moves relatively slow around the ocean floor, they can swim a little bit with their flexible bodies. This is possible as they don’t have a backbone. They also have no eyes use their bodies to be able to help them get around. Conclusion In conclusion, The Hadal zone is very deep, I found out that not many animals live in this zone due to how deep this ocean zone is, the animals that live in this zone either have no eyes or are blind, most animals that live in this zone are also invertebrate animals. The Hadal zone is an extreme environment so we will never be able to go there. I found it interesting how we have explored the moon more than we have the Hadal Zone. This is because of how intense the pressure is in this zone, they say the pressure feels like 48 blue whales crushing you from every angle which is interesting. But overall I think this ocean zone is very interesting and all the animals that live there look very different from what we are use to seeing as ocean creatures, but the hadal zone is very interesting. How to cite Extreme Environments Reports, Papers

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Automat by Edward Hopper Essay Example For Students

Automat by Edward Hopper Essay The woman in the painting Automat by Edward Hopper is twenty-five years old. Her beauty is young and fresh, but her expression on her face is thoughtful for such a young person. Why is such a beautiful woman, dressed up as if going out, sitting and drinking tea by herself doing? The woman was actually planning to go out. She got dressed in her fancy clothes, but then she sat down for a minute at the table, and her thoughts turned her attention away from going out. She was sitting there deep in thought, thinking about her life, the things in her life, and the way she was living her life. Then, while all those thoughts running through her head, she decided to make herself a cup of tea. So after she made that tea, she sat back down again and returned to her thoughts. And while sitting there, all beautiful, dressed up and drinking tea, she became the painting Automat by Edward Hopper. But in order to know what she was thinking, we need to know her past. And her past is not a pleasant memory to refer to. From the day she was born, Anita was said to be the beauty of the ages. She was very young, and didnt understand all the attention and all the admiration she got. She supposed it was like that for every woman. But one day, when she was in her early teens, and was at a party, a handsome man entered her life from that day of the party. She was very smitten with him, and he was like her god. She was young and na? ? †¡ve, and that brought her falling unreasonably in love with him. It was a very short time when he spun her around in his world, and when he was done, he left her. As you can imagine, it shattered her heart into millions of pieces. She became very heartbroken, that it showed in her appearance. She became very thin, with dark circles under her eyes, and a lack of interest to life to anything. Her friends and her loved ones became very concerned for her, so they tried to cheer her up in every possible way. But her broken heart needed mending at its own accord, and they soon realized that and left her alone. Time went by and she started restoring her beauty, and her broken heart started mending. She started getting on with her life, and started joining back into the society. So one day, she decided she would be going out, but instead the thoughts of her past took over. Her heart is mended and her life is back to its normal, but Anita, sitting there by herself could not help were her thoughts took over her. So Anita appeared in the painting Automat, her expression thoughtful and her beauty still strong as ever, sitting there alone and drinking tea.

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Robbinsdale Hospital Marketing Communication

Advertising is a vital element in the running of any organization. Through effective communication, the target population learns about the existence and benefits of a particular product. There are several communication methods that can be used to awaken consumers’ desire in certain products.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Robbinsdale Hospital Marketing Communication specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More These methods can be classified as rational logic or emotional appeal depending on how they capture the attention of consumers (Belch, 2009). The choice between the two approaches depends on the type of items being marketed and the nature of the market (Belch, 2009). This paper discusses the choice of marketing communication that is appropriate for Robbinsdale Hospital. Robbinsdale hospital specializes in treating children found to have serious complications after delivery. The hospital competes with five other hospitals in the same city. Out of the six hospitals, only two have intensive care units. Robbinsdale is one of the two facilities having ICU. Each of these hospitals struggle to find a fair share of the market. In advertisement, rational logic highlights the special features of the items being marketed (Belch, 2009). Belch (2009) notes that rational approach concentrates on demonstrating the best features of the items being marketed. Statistics can be used to convince the target population regarding the viability of the items. In the case of a hospital, rational logic assures potential clients that the facility in question is the safest place to look for healing (Candace, 2013). An advertisement can demonstrate that the hospital has the best doctors and modern facilities to handle emergencies. Statistics can also be used to show that the hospital has recorded the best outcomes in the past (Candace, 2013). Rational advertisement is supposed to be factual and informative (Candace, 2 013). The highlighted features are supposed to make it obvious that Robbinsdale offers more superior services than the competitors. Therefore, the designer should have good knowledge of the hospital’s competitors and their marketing strategies (Candace, 2013). Through rational marketing, the two hospitals with ICU facilities can easily out-competitive other hospitals. However, they will still have each other to content with. In this case, emotional appeal can make the difference. In advertisement, emotional communication targets people’s feelings (Leonidou, 2009). This approach is good at enlisting unconscious attention from the target group (Leonidou, 2009). Emotional appeal can be very productive in a hospital case because of the nature of services offered.Advertising Looking for essay on health medicine? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Anyone looking for hospital services is likely to be experiencing psycholo gical torture (Candace, 2013). A hospital advertisement that carries some sense of care, affection and sympathy is likely to enlist emotions among the target group. The hospital should appear to be concerned about saving more lives rather than having more clients (Candace, 2013). Emotional approach is appropriate because it also reduces sensitivity to pricing (Candace, 2013). This discussion, therefore, means that a combination of rational logic and emotional appeal is appropriate for Robbinsdale hospital. In conclusion, deciding the type of appeal to use in advertisement depends on the target population, nature of items being marketed and the existing competition. Although there are instances where either rational or emotional appeal can do well, a combination of the two gives the best results. In this case, Robbinsdale hospital will do better with a combination of rational and emotional appeals. Rational appeal gives facts and statistics regarding prognosis while emotional appeal shows some sense of care, sympathy and affection to the affected people (Candale, 2013). References Belch, G. (2009). Advertising and promotion: Marketing Communications Journal. 7(3). 11-15. Candace Q. (2013). Emotional v. rational: Journal of Healthcare Advertising. 4(1):1-6. Leonidou, L. C. (2009). Rational versus emotional appeals in newspaper advertising: Copy, art, and layout differences. Journal of Promotion Management 15 (4), 522-546.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Robbinsdale Hospital Marketing Communication specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This essay on Robbinsdale Hospital Marketing Communication was written and submitted by user Georgia Sykes to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Wisdom Derived from a Rotator Cuff Injury

Wisdom Derived from a Rotator Cuff Injury Today I did an arm balance in yoga. Six months ago, this feat would not have been anything remarkable. I grew up doing gymnastics, and maintained my strength and balance so that I could still, at age 46, support myself on my arms in various poses and postures. I prided myself on my ability to do things the 20-somethings next to me were too weak or unpracticed to do. I posted pictures of myself on Facebook doing yoga. I even made it into the video my yoga studio produced. Then, something happened. My rotator cuffs, which had been hurting on and off for years but not really cramping my style, started screaming loudly enough that I had to listen. I experienced days where I was unable to lift a glass, much less support my entire body weight on my arms. I knew something needed to change. The first step in my process was somewhere between giving up and acceptance. The challenge was to accept the possibility that I might never do arm balances again, while at the same time not completely giving up on the possibility. This balance was much harder to achieve than a side crow pose. I realized that a big part of my identity was wrapped up in what I could do physically. And now I couldn’t do those things. Who was I now? As human beings, we have a tendency to wrap up our identities in a lot of things: our jobs, our children, our relationships, our bodies, and more. The fact is, we are still ourselves when any of these other things change. But this truth is a difficult one to remember. â€Å"I am not my arm balances.† â€Å"I am not my arm balances.† â€Å"I am not my arm balances.† I repeated this mantra daily as I went to yoga classes and skipped my favorite poses. I repeated it as I kept my hands on my hips instead of stretching them out in Warrior Two. I repeated it as I went to â€Å"Therapeutic Yoga† class instead of my beloved Vinyasa Flow. I shared with my yoga teachers, both old and new, that I was not able to do the things I used to do. I felt scared and sad telling them. I felt like I was admitting failure (does this sound familiar?). But soon I became a model of caring for myself and modifying poses to what my body needed. I cried through classes sometimes, but I kept going, and even got compliments from new teachers on my practice. Ha. All this time I thought they were complimenting me because I could do those fancy poses. But, as it turned out, I really was more than my arm balances. Taking Action Over these many months, while accepting my limitations, I also was doing everything I could figure out to do to heal my shoulders. I went to physical therapy and did my exercises regularly. If something hurt I didn’t do it. I asked strong-looking guys to lift my bag when I traveled on airplanes. I stopped swimming, which was my other love, and started working out on the elliptical machine. I spent time lifting light weights to strengthen my upper body in new ways. I discovered cold laser therapy and started going for weekly treatments. I put Arnica and Helichrysum oil on my shoulders. I got MRIs and visited with a surgeon who told me (thankfully) that he did not see a need for surgery. He gave me new exercises that my physical therapist had not provided. I started to heal. Sharing As I have shared with more and more people about my pain and my process, I’ve heard that many others are going through similar shoulder challenges. Several of my yoga teachers have rotator cuff pain, as do some of the students in my classes. My mom and a few of my cousins have these issues too. I am excited to share with them what I’ve learned and what they can do to prevent further injury to themselves. So many people have this pain, and so few know what to do to strengthen themselves. Even physical therapists don’t know this stuff. I now want to share with anyone who will listen. Don’t keep doing what you’ve been doing, hoping things will change. I tried that, and I ended up unable to lift a glass of water. To some of you, doing an arm balance might sound like something impossibly difficult that you might never achieve in your lifetime. Thankfully, you are not your arm balances, or your lack of arm balances, or whatever physical feats you can or can’t do. You are not your job or your relationship. You are your inner strength and being. And you can build outer strength that might make new things possible. Today, I went to yoga class and did an arm balance. I am still not my arm balances, but it sure feels good to have gotten myself here.

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Nigeria festival Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Nigeria festival - Research Paper Example A wide range of festivities began the eating of new yam (Falola 143). This festival is organized after the people are able to get enough yields after the cultivation season, so basically this is how they express their feelings of joy and happiness by organizing just a big festival that gladdens the entire land of Igbo. New Yam Festival is celebrated at the time of completion of some serious farm work done by men to produce yam. It’s a ritual of dramatic performance and is seen as a dynamic and integral part of the culture of the people of Igbo. This 8-day festival accommodates people from different villages as well and thanksgiving to the gods and ancestors is undertaken. Not only adults but both young and old citizens participate in this festive treat and perform various rituals (Kalu 184). Eating and drinking along with dancing and singing music are the main features of this big annual ritual festival. At different periodic levels, the male head of the family manifests his joy and happiness by ringing the bell of his buffalo several times. Wine is being served in horns of oxen and sometimes in buffaloes’. People who are poor and less privileged are not allowed to drink this way. Discrimination is one of the inner features of this celebration that takes place. These people use gourd cups, along with women and children. This festival is an official declaration of the eating of new yam which is the result of intense hard work all during the year (Okoroike 135). This festival holds a significant role in the lives of the people who belong to Igbo land. It is demonstrated at the beginning even before the ceremony is being commenced which is the ritual washing of the children which are about to partake in the festival. After making a ritual space with the help of leaves, children are made to stand in it and then with some religious recitations, through the throat, they are asked to pass certain materials and then spit them out on the ground. Some of